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andrii              dzmitry              kostyantyn              yevgeniy              gennadiy              bugakov              ildar              vitalii              oleksii              timofei              arkadiy              vladyslav              iurii              dmitrii              siarhei              viktar              dmitrij              maksym              evgenij              ravil              olexiy              mikalai              pimenov              pozdnyakov              radik              serghei              danila              olexandr              serdyuk              ihar              kulkov              dmytrenko              aleksej              ananko              yevgen              serhii              ventsislav              dmitriy              oleksiy              vitaliy              prokopenko              velichko              egor              alexsandr              kyrylo              vasilij              zayets              krasimir              anzhelika              mykyta             

Examples of "danil"
was Konstantin Danil. Here Konstantin Danil studied for several years, and produced, among other works, a figure of Saint Sava which attracted much attention. The Serbian master gave every encouragement to the young Konstantin Danil for the next four years. Artists had then already started to call Konstantin Danil Grigorović, who was perpetually sketching all sorts of objects in art and in nature, by his father's name "Danil". Konstantin Danil, who had by this time acquired so much mastery over the painting technique that his performances were barely distinguishable from Teodorović's own. He now began to explore other avenues to improve his skills.
Sergeenko is divorced with Russian insurance billionaire Danil Khachaturov. Ulyana has 2 children: Alexandr (from a previous relationship) and Vasya (a daughter, fathered by her now ex-husband, Danil Khachaturov).
Danil Viktorovich Melnikov (; born October 4, 1993) is a Russian football defender.
With hypothermia setting in, Robert again tries the disconnect to fan wires in the ventilation shaft, but is unable due to his state. At that time, a well-dressed and bound Russian man is thrown into the room with Robert. The man, introducing himself as Danil, offers to help Robert escape in exchange for a portion of the money. Robert instructs Danil to cut the electrical wires in the shaft, but when the mobsters enter the room, Danil is electrocuted to death. Alisa reveals that Danil was merely a plant to get the truth from Robert and was in fact Vadim, Oleg's son.
Danil Vladimirovich Nosov (; born 5 June 1990) is a Russian professional football player.
In the 19th century sister Marie-Alphonsine Danil Ghattas lived here.
Danil Alekseyevich Paybarshev (; born May 7, 1994) is a Russian football forward.
Danil is a given name. Notable people with the name include:
Constantine Danil Grigorović, better known as Konstantin Danil, was born in Lugoj in a family with Serbian and Romanian roots, in 1798. Danil Grigorović, Konstantin's father, was a Russian officer under the command of Alexander Suvarov who decided to settle in the city in Timis County in Banat (now western Romania) situated on the banks of the Timiș River, then part of the Austrian Military Frontier.
Danil Aleksandrovich Sidorov (; born May 29, 1985) is a Russian football forward, who last played for FC KAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny.
Danil Yuryevich Kochkin (; born April 8, 1992) is a Russian football midfielder, who last played for FC Oktan Perm .
Danil Serafimovich Lyamin (; born January 17, 1992) is a Russian football goalkeeper, who currently plays for FC Saturn Moscow Oblast.
Danil Igorevich Kolesnikov (; born 24 February 1998) is a Russian football player who plays for FC Dynamo Stavropol.
Danil Vladislavovich Krugovoy (; born 28 May 1998) is a Russian football player who plays for FC Zenit-2 St. Petersburg.
Danil Sergeyevich Nemtsev (; born 7 June 1996) is a Russian football player who last played for FC Rotor Volgograd.
Konstantin Danil (, , 1798-1873) was a renowned Serbian painter of the 19th century. He is most famous for his portraits.
Danil Vladimirovich Rachkov (; born 29 October 1993) is a Russian football midfielder who last played for FC Spartak Yoshkar-Ola.
On 2 November 2016, Akaba was again re-elected as Secretary, and Danil Ubiria and Valeri Ardzinba as deputy secretaries.
Danil Konstantinovich Klenkin (; born 14 July 1990) is a Russian professional football player. He plays for FC Tyumen.
Balabio was married to Teresa Berra. Their daughter Maria Balabio was married to a Russian general Danil Andreyevich Boyko.