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krivov              komornikov              stepushkin              shepel              tikhonenko              kudinov              dmitrenko              sychov              karaliuk              luchanok              panchenko              sudnik              borzenkov              avdeev              dmytrenko              fedorovtsev              krasilnikova              bokov              lemaev              kolobkov              tishchenkooleg              prigoda              gritsenko              selevko              sinkevich              valerij              ignatenko              rudyk              mikalai              polischuk              novikau              shevtsov              kuzin              pasichnyk              dmitrij              vitalyevich              ledovskikh              semenenko              kislykh              evgenyevich              stanislavovich              ogorodnikov              belyanin              pimenov              gorobiysergey              starodubtsev              bychenko              kudryashov              pimankov              tchepikov             

Examples of "danilchenko"
Danilchenko began his professional career in 2002 and only fought once, retiring with a pro record of 1-0-0.
Dmitri Yuryevich Danilchenko (; born July 31, 1977) is a Russian professional football player. In 2009, he played in the Russian Second Division for FC Irtysh Omsk.
Roman Sergeyevich Danilchenko (; born May 2, 1980) is a Russian professional football player. He last played in the Russian Second Division for FC Amur-2010 Blagoveshchensk.
It was founded by the corresponding members of the Academy Naum D. Morgulis and Petr G. Borzyak. Modern scientific research is led by academician A.G. Naumovets, corresponding member of the Academy Yu.G. Ptushynskyi, O.G. Sarbei, B.A. Danilchenko, V.M. Poroshin.
Kane (Michael O'Hearn), a strong and lonesome barbarian. One day, he saves a damsel (Ekaterina Drobish) and Wooby (Yuri Danilchenko), a small, bear like creature, resembling an Ewok from Star Wars, from some brigands.
Justin Stewart Kane (born 21 December 1981 in Ferntree Gully, Victoria) is a bantamweight boxer from Australia, who won the gold medal in the men's bantamweight division at the 2002 Commonwealth Games in Manchester, United Kingdom. He represented his native country at the 2000 Summer Olympics, losing in the quarterfinals to Sergey Danilchenko from Ukraine.
Things turned out that on the same day, Tikhvinsky Executive Committee of People’s Deputies Council registered a small enterprise Center «Classical Yoga» that was founded by Viktor Boyko (Director), Boris Martynov (Sanskrit translator and chief accountant), Roman Amelin (English language expert) and Konstantin Danilchenko (programmer) respectively. The Center was located at the Research Institute of Physical Culture. It is the first official organization on the map of USSR with the word «Yoga» in its title.
1989. The J. Nehru Cultural Center (the Embassy of the Republic of India) opened a Yoga group. It was directed by Lakshman Kumar, the first Yoga master in Russia. In 1991, by the initiative of the Embassy Secretary Mr. Ganguli, eleven students were selected, and after a month-long course of intensive study, Yoga Teaching Сertificates, signed by the Indian Ambassador in the USSR, Mr. Gonsalves, were ussued for them. This case is still an unprecedented one. Between those eleven were A. Lappa, R. Amelin, K. Danilchenko, V. Fentisov, B. Arion and Viktor Boyko. It was July 31, 1991.
Claude Debussy, then a struggling composition student from the Paris Conservatoire, was employed in the von Meck household on three occasions between 1880 and 1882, as house pianist and music master to her children. He also accompanied the family on their visits to Europe. During their stay in Florence in 1880, he wrote his Premier Trio en Sol (First Trio in G) for a piano trio comprising himself on piano, Pachulski on violin, and the cellist Pyotr Danilchenko. Debussy proposed marriage to Nadezhda von Meck’s daughter Sophie, and shortly afterwards found himself on his way back to Paris.
The court judgment addressed evidence against Demjanjuk that was not included in his indictment. The judges agreed that Demjanjuk most likely served as a Nazi "Wachmann" (guard) in the Trawniki unit and had been posted at Sobibor extermination camp and two other camps. Evidence to assist this claim included an identification card from Trawniki bearing Demjanjuk's picture and personal information — allegedly found in the Soviet archives – in addition to German documents that mentioned Wachmann Demjanjuk and mentioned his date and place of birth. The 1949 statement of another Wachmann (Danilchenko), identified a Demjanjuk in passing as someone who allegedly served with him at Sobibor in 1944 (a year after the camp was razed) and noted he had been born the same year as himself (1923). In 1979, Danilchenko made another statement adding that Demjanjuk was allegedly three years older than himself and had been in Sobibor in 1943. None of Danilchenko's allegations were ever subjected to cross-examination. The alleged Trawniki certificate also implied that he served at Sobibor, as did the German orders of March 1943 posting the Trawniki unit to the area.