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Examples of "dansereau"
Madeleine Dansereau (1922 – March 20, 1991) was a Canadian artist and educator. She was the first woman jeweler in Quebec. She was also known as Madeleine Maranda-Dansereau.
Rue Madeleine-Dansereau in Montreal was named in her honour. In 2001, the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles established the Prix Madeleine-Dansereau.
UQAM's Complexe des sciences Pierre-Dansereau was named for him.
Georges-Étienne Dansereau (August 12, 1898 – February 20, 1959) was a Canadian politician.
Mission of Fear () is a Canadian drama film, directed by Fernand Dansereau and released in 1965.
Dansereau works as a web specialist for the Canadian federal government.
He was the subject of a 2001 documentary "An Ecology of Hope" by his cousin, Quebec filmmaker Fernand Dansereau.
Pierre Dansereau, (October 5, 1911 – September 28, 2011) was a Canadian ecologist known as one of the "fathers of ecology".
Sweet Lies and Loving Oaths () is a Canadian drama film, directed by Fernand Dansereau and released in 1982.
Fernand Dansereau (born April 5, 1928 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian film director and film producer.
The 69th Battalion was commanded by Lt.-Col. J.A. Dansereau from 19 April 1916 to 4 January 1917.
Born in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec, the son of Georges Dansereau, a politician, and Herminie Larose, Dansereau was educated at the École de Grenville and the Collège Sainte-Marie in Montreal. In 1918, he started working with his father in Grenville, Quebec. He succeeded his father as president in 1935.
Georges Dansereau (December 15, 1867 – December 26, 1934) was a Canadian provincial politician. He was the Liberal member of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec for Argenteuil from 1927 until his death in 1934. He was also mayor of Grenville, Quebec, serving terms in 1910-1912, 1914, 1915, and 1933-1934. He was the father of Georges-Étienne Dansereau.
Alain Dansereau (born 13 December 1954) is a Canadian fencer. He competed in the individual and team épée events at the 1976 Summer Olympics.
In 1981, Dansereau designed the "Grand Montréalais" trophy. In 1985, she designed the medals awarded for the National Order of Quebec.
The film garnered four Genie Award nominations at the 4th Genie Awards in 1983, for Best Actor (Sabourin), Best Actress (Loiselle), Best Supporting Actress (Genevieve Brassard) and Best Original Song ("Doux aveux", by Dansereau and Réjean Marois.)
Le sourd dans la ville (also known as "Deaf to the City") is a 1987 Canadian drama film written and directed by Mireille Dansereau and based on the novel with the same name by Marie-Claire Blais.
On September 28, 2011, Pierre Dansereau died, one week before his 100th birthday, after 76 years of marriage, and three months after his wife (a painter) became a centenarian — they had no children.
Mireille Dansereau (born December 19, 1943 in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian director and screenwriter who is known for "emulating the style and approach of her aesthetic role model, John Cassavetes".
António Rodrigo Pinto da Silva (Porto, March 13, 1912 – Lisbon, September 28, 1992), often referred to as A.R. Pinto da Silva or P. Silva, was a Portuguese botanist who distinguished himself as a taxonomist and phytosociologist when he collaborated with Swiss botanist Josias Braun-Blanquet and also with Pierre Dansereau.