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Rikei Danshi. Benkyo ni Naru!? Character Song 1 Vol.4
Rikei Danshi. Benkyo ni Naru!? ~ Character song 2 Vol.1
Okayama played as the sixth leading male character in the Fuji Television drama "Atashinchi no Danshi".
From October 12 to 20, Mitsui performed in a play called Nettai Danshi 2 in Zenrosai Hall / Space Zero.
"Infinity" is the fifth single by the band Girl Next Door and it was released on June 10, 2009. Infinity was used as the theme song of Japanese drama "Atashinchi no Danshi".
In 1925, Shueisha was created by major publishing company Shogakukan (founded in 1922). became the first novel published by Shueisha in collaboration with Shogakukan—the temporary home of Shueisha. In 1927, two novels titled "Danshi Ehon", and "Joshi Ehon" were created. In 1928, Shueisha was hired to edit , a compilation. "Gendai Humor Zenshū" continued 12 volumes, some issues being "Joshi Shinjidai Eishūji-chō" and . In the 1930s another novel called "Tantei-ki Dan" was launched and "Gendai Humor Zenshū" was completed in 24 volumes. In 1931 two more novels were launched, "Danshi Yōchien" and "Joshi Yōchien".
As soon as the filming for "DareKiss" ended, Horikita had gone on to appear in two television dramas: "Atashinchi no Danshi" in 2009 as an adoptive mother of six young men (played by Jun Kaname and Mukai Osamu among others) and "Tokujo Kabachi!!" in 2010 as an administrative scrivener opposite Arashi's Sho Sakurai.
The series was announced for a July release date in May 2015. The series is animated by Assez Finaud Fabric and feel. and produced by Earth Star Entertainment, with writing by Yuniko Ayana and Ayumi Sekine, and character designs by Mika Yamamoto. The opening theme song, "Makura no Danshi", written by Masayoshi Ōishi, performed by voice actor Natsuki Hanae.
In early 2009, Seto started filming for the latest Ju-On movie "". He reprised his role as Wataru Kurenai for the first and last episode of Kamen Rider Decade, as well as in "", the last part of the storyline, as a guest star. Afterwards, he starred as the hotheaded genius-magician Satoru Okura in the Fuji TV drama "Atashinchi no Danshi" as one of Maki Horikita's six sons, followed by his part as the cheerful, but delusional junior Ariake Yamato in the drama adaption of the Hit-Manga Otomen in Summer. At the end of October, he finished filming with Yusuke Yamamoto for their roles as brothers (having previously starred as brothers in Atashinchi no Danshi) in the award-winning TV movie "Rinne no Ame", in which Seto portrayed the mentally disabled, autistic Shuhei Mikami.
The band's fifth single "Infinity" was released on June 10, 2009. It is also the theme song for the 2009 Spring TV show "Atashinchi no Danshi" and became their first No. 1 single on Oricon weekly single charts. They also sang the OP song of the game "Tales of VS." using the song "Be Your Wings". The trio released their 6th single "Be Your Wings/Friendship/Wait for You" on August 5, 2009. It was their first triple A-side single.
Miura then went on to star in dramas such as "Binbō Danshi" and the third season of "Gokusen" as major supporting characters. His growing popularity during 2008 then led to him to become the leading character of Fujimaru Takagi in manga based drama "Bloody Monday", in which he played a genius computer hacker trying to prevent the release of a biological virus by a terrorist organization. The autumn drama also co-starred fellow Amuse actor Takeru Sato and Fujii Mina.
The EP's lead single, "Step by step," was announced in April. Eventually it was announced that the song would be used as the theme song for the NHK drama "Bijo to Danshi", starring Yukie Nakama. The song was released as an exclusively digital single on July 1, 2015, with July 1st serving as a digital B-side. It charted for three weeks and sold 28,432 units and in its first week it charted at number two.
Ironically, after the rigors he went through in order to become a famous comedian, Nasubi was unable to succeed in the TV variety world. Instead, he became a local talent in his native Fukushima, as well as a dramatic stage actor, founding the stage troupe Eggplant Way, performing across Japan. He has starred in "Densha Otoko", "Trick", "Atashinchi no Danshi", and recently portrayed the character Watcherman in "Kamen Rider W".
In 2012 she picked up an award as one of Vogue Japan's "Women of the Year". A year later she published her first male collection. Known simply as "Danshi", she collaborated with stars like Atsuto Ichida, Exile's Takahiro and singer Nobuaki Kaneko. In 2014 she completed her first exhibition abroad. She went to Milan, Italy where she exhibited a merry-go-round as well as work from her new book "Himitsu". She has recently presented a number of TV talk shows.
In February 2012, when he began full-fledged entertainment activities, Sano's actor debut on the stage, "Sakura". He appeared in TV dramas and variety shows. From the time "Junon Super Boy Contest" is to appeal the goodness of his motor nerve, Sano appeared in the planning to compete the athletic ability, such as "Geinō-kai tokugi-ō kettei-sen Teppen" and "All-Star Thanksgiving". In a November 2012 broadcast of "Kyūkyoku no otoko wa dareda? Saikyō Sports danshi chōjō kessen", he became the overall victory. Although his debut as an "active college student", Sano was dropped out of the university.
In June, Miyavi's seventh major single (and 14th overall), "Sakihokoru Hana no you ni -Neo Visualizm-/Kabuki Danshi", was released in Japan, which charted as twelfth. In July, a remixed extended play, "7 Samurai Sessions -We're Kavki Boiz-", was released, which includes re-arrangements of his past songs. It charted as forty-fourth. It was followed by Miyavi's nationwide tour, which started on July 16. He also performed at Animagic in Bonn, Germany, and in Seoul, South Korea. In November his tenth major single was released, "Subarashikikana, Kono Sekai - What A Wonderful World", which charted as thirteenth.
An anime television series adaptation is directed by Tsutomu Mizushima at J.C. Staff with Michiko Yokote as the series scriptwriter and Junichiro Taniguchi as the character designer and chief animation director. The anime was broadcast on Tokyo MX, KBS, SUN, TVA and BS11 between July and September 2015. The voice actors of the five male main characters performed the opening and ending theme songs under the group name Kangoku Danshi. An original animation DVD was bundled with the limited edition 20th volume of the manga that was released on March 4, 2016. The OAD adapted the manga's "Mad Wax" arc.
In February 2009, he was one of the recipients of a newcomer award in the 2009 Elan d'or Awards. Miura starred in "Crows Zero II", which is the sequel to "Crows Zero" and was reunited with actor Shun Oguri whom he had previously worked with in "Binbō Danshi". It opened in theaters on April 11, 2009. A movie of "Gokusen" was released in July, in which Miura reprised his role of Ren Kazama. From June 20, 2009 to July 26, 2009, Miura starred in his first stage production entitled "Hoshi no Daichi ni Furu Namida". On September 2, 2009, it was announced that Miura would play the lead role in the NTV drama "Samurai High School".
He has also appeared in several television programs. HG (as himself) portrayed a gym teacher in the high school episode of the "batsu" game series from the Japanese variety show "Gaki no Tsukai". He also did a cameo on the set of "Hana Yori Dango". Razor Ramon was a contestant on "", even making it to the final and finished in 2nd place. He was featured on "The Soup"’s "Souper Fantastic Ultra Wish Time." He was featured on "Lost in Tokyo", a Dutch and Flemish game show. He has also appeared in multiple episodes of Jonathan Ross' "Japanorama" on the BBC. In May 2009, He made an appearance in the comical Drama, "Atashinchi no Danshi", where his character was in love with one of the male characters named Fuu. There were repeated shoots of his catch phrase "Fuuuu!" while he walked round the family house in search of Fuu.
An Internet radio show to promote the "Inukami!" anime series called was released through Starchild Net Radio between May 12, 2006 and May 25, 2007 every week on Friday. The program had fifty-five episodes and was hosted by Kaori Nazuka who played Nadeshiko in the anime, and Shizuka Hasegawa who played Tomohane in the anime. The show's theme song was called "Puppy's clock", and the show also used three theme songs from the anime: "Hikari", used as an opening theme in the twenty-seventh broadcast, "Yūjō Monogatari: Danshi (?) Version" used as an ending theme in the twentieth and twenty-seventh broadcasts, and "Yūjō Monogatari" used as an ending theme in all the other broadcasts. The show contained six corners, or parts to the show, and had several guests to the show who were related to the anime's production who include: Mamizu Arisawa, Jun Fukuyama, Yui Horie, Rika Morinaga. A CD containing some of the broadcasts was later sold on January 24, 2007.