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Examples of "datamelt"
This script can be run either using DataMelt IDE or using a stand-alone Jython after specifying classpath to DataMelt libraries. The output is shown below:
DataMelt uses high-level programming languages, such as Jython, Groovy,
DataMelt has several features useful for data analysis:
The original name was JHepWork, but later it was renamed to SCaViS and then to DataMelt.
DataMelt was initially written by S. Chekanov in 2005 for High-energy physics.
DataMelt includes the native Java and Python methods for file input and outputs.
The same example can also be coded using Groovy programming language which is supported by DataMelt.
JRuby, but Java coding can also be used to call DataMelt numerical and graphical libraries.
DataMelt can be used everywhere where an analysis of large numerical data volumes,
DataMelt (or, in short, DMelt) a computation and visualization environment, is an interactive framework for scientific computation, data analysis and data visualization designed for scientists, engineers and students. DataMelt is multiplatform since it is written in Java, thus it runs on any operating system where the Java virtual machine can be installed.
Bunching parameters and normalized factorial moments are included to the DataMelt program for data analysis and scientific computing.
DataMelt runs on Windows, Linux, Mac and the Android platforms. The package for the Android is called AWork.
The commercial licenses cannot apply to source code that was imported or contributed to DataMelt from other authors.
Scripts and Java code (in case of the Java programming) can be run either in a GUI editor of DataMelt or as batch programs.
The graphical libraries of DataMelt can be used to create applets. All charts (or "Canvases") used for data representation can be embedded into Web browsers.
A large proportion of free statistical software packages, however, are from individuals. Some of these software packages from individuals include Easyreg, MicrOsiris, OpenStat, PSPP, SOFA, Zelig. and DataMelt
DataMelt uses high-level programming languages, such as Jython (Python implemented in Java), Groovy, JRuby, but Java coding can also be used to call numerical and graphical libraries.
DataMelt is an attempt to create a data-analysis environment using open-source packages with a coherent user interface and tools competitive to commercial programs.
This script illustrates how to glue and mix the native JAVA classes (from the package java.util) and DataMelt classes (the package jhplot) inside a script written using the Python syntax.
The main source of reference is the book "Scientific Data analysis using Jython Scripting and Java" and which discuss in depth data analysis methods using Java and Jython scripting. More recently, DataMelt was discussed in German Java SPEKTRUM journal.