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Examples of "davoine"
Mirto Lenín Davoine Genta (born 13 February 1933) is a Uruguayan football defender who played for Uruguay in the 1954 FIFA World Cup. He also played for C.A. Peñarol.
Nocturnes Productions produces mainly documentary films about cinema and film-makers, such as "Code Name Melville" directed by Olivier Bohler and "Pierre Schoendoerffer, the Sentinel of Memory", "Gaston Méliès and His Wandering Star Film Company", "Chaplin in Bali" directed by Raphaël Millet, as well as arthouse documentaries such as "November" directed by Abel Davoine.
The starting eleven for the team were: Carlos Minoian; Pedro Galeano and José Marinovich; Walter Davoine, Daniel Carlos Bayo and Domingo Lejona; Luis Ciaccia, Héctor Antonio or Eliseo Prado, Alfredo "Tanque" Rojas, Diego Francisco Bayo and "Huaqui" Gómez Sánchez. Also played in the first team: Francisco Gerónimo (goalkeeper), Antonio López, Héctor Trinidad, José Perillo, Natalio Sivo, Jorge Mallo, Antonio Arena and Hugo Carro.
In addition to her academic work, Bal is a video artist whose films and installations have been exhibited internationally. As a member of the film collective Cinema Suitcase, she made several videos that mostly revolve around issues of migration. With Michelle Williams Gamaker, she directed the feature-length film "A Long History of Madness" (2011). Based on the book "Mère Folle" by French psychoanalyst Françoise Davoine, the film is a so-called ‘theoretical fiction’ that examines how madness can be treated analytically. Bal and Williams Gamaker are currently completing their second feature film "Madame B" (2014), a modern interpretation of Gustave Flaubert’s 1856 masterpiece "Madame Bovary".
The members of the roster that would come to be known as the architects that earned the Club´s first promotion into the highest category of Spanish soccer are: Zamora, Vendrell, Febrer, Arqué, Diego, Cobo, Magín, Juanele, Guillamón, Bolao, Boixet, Ladaria, Forteza, Garcés, Currucale, Gassó, Martínez, Lorenzo, Villamide, Sureda, Oviedo, Rodríguez II, Czoka, Mir, and Laguardia. RCD Mallorca was one of only 16 professional teams to compete in this top division. And the team reinforced by picking up players from FC Barcelona, among others, where the likes of Haro, Davoine, Irusqueta and Flotats all arrived. This first season in the top division ended with RCD Mallorca in ninth place of the sixteen total teams, and coach Lorenzo did not last through the season, just like the president, who was replaced by Sir Lorenzo Munar. In the following season, the team finished eleventh. And so, with many ups and downs, RCD Mallorca did not last more than three years in the top echelon of Spanish soccer. The team dropped into the second division until 1964-65, when it rose up again. But, in that day in age, the only direct promotion came via winning the Segunda Division, while the second-place finisher had to play in the playoff for promotion.