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pitambar              dattatraya              tryambak              chunilal              annasaheb              vithaldas              bholanath              kashinath              atmaram              parmanand              bhalchandra              gangaram              dulal              basappa              gokuldas              kantilal              pratik              bapuji              narottam              vasudeo              dattatray              balkrishna              ganpat              ayyar              vishram              dhiren              sadhan              vasudev              gulabrao              shivram              ninad              shilpi              pranay              nandlal              raghunandan              gadkar              birabar              sumati              dhiraj              ghanashyam              mangesh              pandurang              ganpatrao              chandulal              haripada              raghubir              shankarlal              madhukar              kamble              raghuvir             

Examples of "dayaram"
Dayaram Gidumal Shahani (1857-1927) or Rishi Dayaram, was a social reformer, judge, poet, and scholar in British India.
Narsinh Mehta, Meera, and Dayaram were foremost contributors of this "Dhara".
He formally opened Dayaram Jethmal Sind College on October 15, 1893 in Karachi.
Dayaram (Gujarati:દયારામ) (1777–1853) was a Gujarati poet of medieval Gujarati literature.
The Taveuni Soccer Association was formed in 1947, under the presidency of A. Dayaram.
Dayaram, along with Narsinh Mehta and Meera, is considered as major contributor during Bhakti Movement in Gujarati literature.
Satyanarayan Singh of Congress won in 1972and 1971.Sitaram Gupta of CPI(M) won in 1969.Dayaram Beri of Congress won in 1967and 1962.Sitaram Gupta of CPI won in 1957.In independent India’s first election in 1951, Dayaram Beri of Congress won from Bhatpara.
Mr. Rawta Ram Panwar of this village is District Chairman of Indian National Congress. Mrs. Vimla Vaishnav of this village is former chairperson of Jaisalmer Municipal Board and member of state council of B.J.P. Mahila Morcha is daughter-in-law of late Shree Dayaram Das Vaishnav. Mr. Thirpal das is first gazetted officer of this village is son of Shree Dayaram Das Vaishnav.
Jhuthi Sharm is a 1940 Bollywood film directed by Mohan Dayaram Bhavnani. It stars Trilok Kapoor. Produced by Mohan Dayaram Bhavnani's production company, the film is an adaption of Henrik Ibsen's 1881 play "Ghosts". The title means "Naked Truth" in Hindi.
Tillottama is a second main character in the Indian storyline.The readers meet her with Dayaram in the Khajuraho Temple. She catches Dayaram's eye by her beauty, but after she is acquainted with him and proves to be very heartful and intellectual. Dayaram is curious about her life, and she tells him her life story.
The carnival-style and playful poetry and works of Dayaram, a scholar of the Pushti marg of Vaishnavism, is particularly popular during Janmashtami in Gujarat and Rajasthan.
The Hathras Fort is an 18th-century fort. The fort was constructed by JAT king Raja Dayaram, and is located in the town of Hathras in Uttar Pradesh.
Dayaram was follower of "Nirgun bhakti sampraday" (pushti sampraday) in Gujarat. So he gave many Garbi describing Krishna as human-being.
Dayaram Ramamoorty is the main character in the Indian Storyline. He is a sculptor and is looking for a way to sculpt his idea of perfect beauty.
Atma's younger sister and mother died before the age of five. Atma and his brother Dayaram were educated at some of Ceylon's (Sri Lanka) most well known institutions.
D. J. Sindh Govt. Science College (Diwan Dayaram Jethamal Sindh Govt. Science College) is an educational institute located in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.
1735 Sidi captured mercantile ships at Surat. Dayaram Teg Bakht Khan's Dewan (settled the dispute of Nawab's revenue of Aththavisi with Damajirao).
Dayaram and Bux Ali Khan attacked the fort from the east and the south. After defending the fort for a long time, Sitaram was captured and Mohammadpur fell. Dayaram escorted him in chains to Murshidabad. At the trial, Sitaram was sentenced to death by Murshid Quli Khan and his relatives were imprisoned for life. His final rites were performed at the banks of Ganges in Murshidabad.
Enraged when the demands were not met, on 18 October, Dayaram, the Head Renter of the territory who waS subordinate to the Nawab of Carnatic, marched to Tiruvottiyur with an army of 250 horse and 1000 foot, removed the British flag and took possession of the village. A consultation was held according to which the members of the Board pressed the President to remove Dayaram and his troops by force.
Thuldai (, translation: Big Brother) is a 1999 Nepali film directed by Dayaram Dahal and features music by Shambhujeet Baskota. The film has a star cast that includes Jal Shah, Shiv Shrestha, Niruta Singh, and Sunil Thapa.