Synonyms for debilis or Related words with debilis

calcarata              foveolata              gracillima              interrupta              denticulata              gracilipes              plumosa              virgata              appendiculata              horrida              papillosa              velutinus              delicatula              robustum              brevipes              cuneifolia              setigera              angustata              ventricosa              arcuata              erubescens              obtusata              lilacina              turneri              mucronata              complanata              filamentosa              inconspicuum              venustum              constricta              costata              decipiens              venusta              sagittata              tenellus              angulatus              subulata              longipes              tuberculata              pulchella              nitidum              hookeri              gracilior              abbreviata              inflatus              hirtella              insulare              ellipticus              caliginosa              cumingii             

Examples of "debilis"
Two varieties are recognized. "R. debilis" var. "debilis" has leaf blades which are softly hairy (pubescent) on the underside; in "R. debilis" var. "limprichtii" they are hairless (glabrous).
The names "Catantops debilis" Krauss 1901 and "Catantops elegans" Karny, 1907 are synonyms for "Cryptocatantops debilis" (Krauss, 1901).
Two varieties have been published, but it is unclear whether they are still recognised. "P. debilis" var. "parvifolia" was published as "P. varia" var. "parvifolia" by George Bentham in 1870. In 1937 Robert Pilger transferred it to "P. debilis", thus implicitly publishing the autonym "P. debilis" var. "debilis".
Chondrocephalus debilis is a beetle of the Family Passalidae.
"Roscoea debilis" was first described scientifically by François Gagnepain in a publication which appeared in 1902. The specific epithet "debilis" means "weak"; Gagnepain described it as "remarkable for its slenderness".
Roscoea debilis is a perennial herbaceous plant found in Yunnan, China. Most members of the ginger family (Zingiberaceae), to which it belongs, are tropical, but "R. debilis", like other species of "Roscoea", grows in much colder mountainous regions.
Vriesea debilis is a species in the genus "Vriesea". This species is endemic to Brazil.
Rhinotyphlops debilis is a species of snake in the Typhlopidae family. It is endemic to Africa.
Splendrillia debilis is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Drilliidae.
Palaemon debilis is a species of shrimp of the family Palaemonidae.
Mirosternus debilis is a species of beetles in the genus "Mirosternus" of the family Anobiidae.
Aralia debilis is a species of plant in the Araliaceae family. It is endemic to China.
The lowland tiny greenbul ("Phyllastrephus debilis") is a species of songbird in the family Pycnonotidae.
Clavatula debilis is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Clavatulidae.
Nerita debilis is a species of sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Neritidae.
Stachys debilis is a species of flowering plant in the Lamiaceae family.
"Roscoea debilis" occurs in Yunnan, China, growing at altitudes of in grassland.
The species was first formally described by Henry Charles Andrews in 1802 who gave it the name "Pogonia debilis". The description was published in "The Botanist's Repository for New, and Rare Plants". Robert Brown changed the name to "Myoporum debile" in 1810 and in 1992 Robert Chinnock changed the name to "Eremophila debilis". The specific epithet ("debilis") is a Latin word meaning "weak" referring to the decumbent stems of this species.
Bolbula debilis is a species of praying mantis in the genus "Bolbula" in the order Mantodea.
Larva on "Aristolochia" species such as "A. kaempferii", "A. mandshuriensis", "A. griffithii", "A. shimadai" and "A. debilis" (Igarashi, 1985, 1989).