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Examples of "decoupage"
In the 19th and 20th centuries, this lacquering technique evolved into the handicraft of decoupage. Decoupage focuses less on furniture and more on temporary boxes and toiletry containers.
In the early part of the 20th century, decoupage, like many other art methods, began experimenting with a less realistic and more abstract style. 20th-century artists who produced decoupage works include Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. The most famous decoupage work is Matisse's Blue Nude II.
Pyramid decoupage (also called pyramage) is a process similar to 3D decoupage. In pyramid decoupage, a series of identical images are cut into progressively smaller, identical shapes which are layered and fixed with adhesive foam spacers to create a 3D "pyramid" effect.
Artisans in Florence, Italy have produced decorative objects using decoupage techniques since the 18th century. They combined decoupage with other decorative techniques already popular in Florence, such as gilt with gold leaf and carved wood designs. These older techniques were already used to produce articles such as furniture, frames for paintings, and even tooled leather book covers. Known as Florentine style crafts, these items are now highly collectible antiques. Florentine artisans made use of decoupage by adding it to the space within a carved gilt frame, or by adding the decoupage to a wooden plaque. Artisans used pasted reproductions of famous artworks, nearly always religious depictions. Florentine triptychs using decoupage images of such Biblical scenes as the Crucifixion are a common motif. As society became more secular in the early 20th century, and non–Roman Catholic tourists began buying more crafts from Florentine artisans, decoupage images became less religious in orientation and more reflective of famous Italian artworks in general.
John Derian is an American decoupage artist living in New York City.
Petals and leaves can be applied to wood furnishings using the technique of Decoupage.
Decoupage is a type of collage usually defined as a craft. It is the process of placing a picture into an object for decoration. Decoupage can involve adding multiple copies of the same image, cut and layered to add apparent depth. The picture is often coated with varnish or some other sealant for protection.
The band, with Finch returning on bass, appeared in the 1999 cult video "Decoupage: Return of the Goddess", performing the Sonny and Cher song "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" with actress Karen Black, and being interviewed individually by Decoupage hostess Summer Caprice.
In 1999, as Exene Červenková, she appeared in the cult video "Decoupage 2000: Return of the Goddess," along with guests Karen Black and the band L7. She gave a reading of her poem "They Must Be Angels," and appeared in an interview skit with "Decoupage 2000" hostess Summer Caprice.
3D decoupage (sometimes also referred to simply as decoupage) is the art of creating a 3D image by cutting out elements of varying sizes from a series of identical images and layering them on top of each other, usually with adhesive foam spacers between each layer to give the image more depth.
Ben's Garden sells decoupage home accessories and artwork that are handmade in New York as well as books and antiques. Within the traditional French technique of decoupage, Busko specializes in reverse decoupage, which involves affixing an image, a collage of images, or a quote to the bottom of a glass accessory, such as a tray, coaster or paperweight, with a mixture of glue, water and a hardening agent. He works often with floral prints, quotes, and vintage maps, and typically personalizes pieces with calligraphy, watercolor and oil paint accents. The back of the piece is painted with acrylic paint, and topped with a layer of black felt as a finish.
In the creation club, products are designed by students, with the activities practiced including body painting, simple sculpture, balloon modelling, knitting, and decoupage.
Ben's Garden was founded in 1992 by the company's president and owner, Ben Busko, when he was eight years old. Busko began crafting decoupage creations and note cards when he was six years old and at age eight he sold handcrafted decoupage and notecards at an outdoor crafts fair on Long Island. By age ten, his Ben's Garden-branded crafts and notecards were selling at Smith & Hawken stores and in the New York Botanical Garden gift shop. In 2003, his entire decoupage collection was purchased by the women's clothing company Anthropologie.
On February 20, 1990, Redd Kross appeared on Episode 2 of the cult Public-access television show "Decoupage" with Summer Caprice.
On February 20, 1990, Redd Kross appeared on Episode 2 of the cult Public-access television show "Decoupage" with Summer Caprice.
Doug is now one of Australia's top corporate event performers, hosting events and conferences for the country's leading corporations (including Jim's Mowing, Bradley's Beard Creams and The Nabiac Decoupage Society).
Florentine style crafts have an ornate appearance, and are typically gold gilded, or have gold paint applied to resemble gilding. Decoupage usually includes reproductions of well-known Classical Florentine art works, which may or may not be religious in nature.
Diehl Augé Decoupage at the site Besancon / France has its own toolmaking, the own tool design allows precision stamping technology for the most demanding precision stamped parts in small-scale series and mass production.
Ben's Garden is an American retail company, e-commerce site and wholesale business. The company designs and manufactures home tabletop accessories and decoupage, stationery, home furnishings and artwork, and is headquartered in New York City.
Josephs launched Macbeth Collection in 1999 after realizing the popularity of her decoupage metal buckets and accessories. It has successfully transitioned into a lifestyle brand including tech, clothing and fashion accessories over the last five years.