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Examples of "dedza"
Dedza is the main township of Dedza District in the Central Region of Malawi.
The type locality is Dedza Mountain in Dedza District in South-Central Malawi.
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dedza () is a diocese located in the city of Dedza in the Ecclesiastical province of Lilongwe in Malawi.
Dedza has a subtropical highland climate (Köppen: "Cwb").
There are eight National Assembly constituencies in Dedza:
Dedza is linked with Norwich, UK by the Norwich-Dedza Partnership, a UK-based charity. The partnership supports education, health, agriculture, tourism development and public sector organisations in Dedza District through volunteer workers, supply of computers and other materials and small scale funding.
The district also has 32 wards that elect members to the Dedza District Assembly (the local government authority). There are 8 Traditional Authority Areas headed by chiefs and Dedza Township has its own Assembly.
He obtained a Malawi School Certificate of Education at Dedza Secondary School.
He attended St Kizito Seminary, Dedza, and then the University of Malawi, Chancellor College.
They play at the Dedza Stadium which has a capacity of 6,000.
He was a student at Dedza secondary school and went to University of Malawi's Chancellor College.
There are a number of tourist attractions in the district. There are four forest reserves—Dedza-Salima, Chongoni, Dedza Mountain and Mua-Livulezi. Chongoni has a UNESCO World Heritage listed rock art site. Dedza Pottery is famous for its coffee shop and ceramics and has accommodation. The Kungoni Cultural Centre at Mua has a museum that displays the cultural heritage of the tribes of central Malawi, a wood carving school and accommodation.
Theresa Kachindamoto is the paramount chief, or "Inkosi", of the Dedza District in the central region of Malawi.
Dedza Central is a constituency for the National Assembly of Malawi, located in the Dedza District of Malawi's Central Region. It elects one Member of Parliament by the first past the post system. The constituency is currently represented by Malawi Congress Party MP Daniel Chiwere.
The offices of the various departments of the Dedza District Assembly are located in the township. So also are offices for several NGOs operating in the district, such as Save the Children, Concern Universal and the Red Cross. The town has several primary schools, Mchisu day secondary school and Umbwi and Dedza Secondary boarding schools.
Accommodation is available at the Dedza Pottery, Panjira Lodge, Rainbow Resthouse and other local resthouses. There are a number of bars and cafes in the town centre, such as the Boiz Club and Golden Dish and a cyber-café – AY Business Cafe. The Dedza Pottery Coffee Shop is 1 km along a dirt road near the M1 northern junction.
Dedza District is linked with Norwich, UK, by a UK-based charity—the Norwich-Dedza Partnership . The Partnership supports education, health, agriculture, tourism development and public sector organisations through volunteer workers, supply of computers and other materials and small scale funding.
The Dedza Pottery sells a wide range of ceramics and there are a number of craft shops along the dirt road to it. A walk up to the top of Dedza Mountain (2198m) is possible on a maintenance road for the communication aerials.
According to Chapman & White (1970) all localities where the "Gulella systemanaturae" has been found are above the "Brachystegia" woodland belt. Chapman & White (1970: 147-151) well described forest habitats of Dedza Mountain. The colour photo on the top of p. 34 in Dowsett-Lemaire & Dowsett (2006) gives a good impression of the area, depicting “Low-canopy montane forest near the summit of Dedza Mountain (2150 m).”. In view of the geographic position of Dedza Mountain it is not unlikely for the species to occur in neighbouring Mozambique as well.
Sangala had recently been transferred to Dedza in the Central province and was unable to attend, but was elected to the central committee.