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Examples of "defrag"
Raxco released PD Free, PerfectDisk Free Defrag, in late March 2012 as an exclusive download at CNET PD Free is a fully functional free defrag utility using PerfectDisk's patented features including SMARTPlacement, SSD Optimize, Boot Time Defrag and Quick Defrag as well as scheduling options. As of April 2, 2012, PD Free is available as a free software download on most major download websites.
On February 1, 2012 the publisher released the professional version of Disk Defrag, with the free version remaining and differing from the new professional one in functionality. As of this date, the two versions of the application are given the names of "Auslogics Disk Defrag Professional" and "Auslogics Disk Defrag Free" to differentiate them.
PerfectDisk has the capability of a scheduled defrag managed by an internal task scheduler. It also offers the option to defrag during screen saver activity, or when the PC is idle.
The only other Windows-based defrag program with a GNU GPL is UltraDefrag.
will defrag all the files on hard drive C. The -s parameters means to browse directories recursively.
Windows gives you two tools for maintaining your hard drive and helping its performance. ... Check Disk and Defrag aren't the best tools available for maintaining your hard drive. You can find better versions of these tools in third-party utilities ... another good alternative for the Defrag tool is "Vopt" ("Vee-Opt") from Golden Bow Systems.
DeFRaG (also capitalised as defrag, abbreviated as df) is a free software modification for id Software's first-person shooter computer game "Quake III Arena" ("Q3A"). The mod is dedicated to player movements and trickjumping. It aims at providing a platform for self-training, competition, online tricking, machinima making, and trickjumping. Hence it constitutes an exception among other "Q3A" mods.
O&O Defrag is a Windows defragmentation utility sold by German software developer O&O Software. It has won several awards by PC journals and magazines, and is certified by Microsoft for all its current NTFS-based operating systems, including Windows 2000, Server 2003, Vista, 7 and 8. Windows XP was supported up to O&O Defrag version 17.
Defragmenting these files may improve performance. Since PageDefrag only affects a few files, it takes a relatively short time to run when compared to entire-disk defragmenters such as Windows Defrag, so long as the page file is not fragmented. If the page file is fragmented, PageDefrag can take as long or longer than Windows Defrag.
Version 7 is the only commercially available defrag program still supporting 16-bit Windows. Users upgrading from Windows 95 to Windows XP have been able to retain the use of their existing package. Version 8 works with NTFS-compatible versions of Windows, using the built-in File defrag API. Version 3.0 supports NT.
The new professional edition of the application, Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro, since being released in early February 2012, has also been tested and reviewed by the main industry magazines and online authorities. It received 4.5 stars from online software analysis and review publication Betanews. They note its configurability as one of its main advantages, while listing lack of local help as a disadvantage due to the program's manual being available only as an online download. Disk Defrag Professional was also reviewed by the major industry magazine PC Advisor, which called it a "very powerful defrag tool" and noted the program's many customization options as an advantage.
The high-skill requirement of the game, along with the fast pace, cause that game movies are often made using content created by playing "DeFRaG" game modes. Within the community's tradition, especially the fastest runs, difficult trickjumping techniques are included in sequence. The "DeFRaG" demo-playback system includes settings to view the primary player from various angles and perspectives. This is in line with the history of the machinima phenomenon which originates from the speedrun community of "Quake", the first game in the series. By following the argumentation of Stanford historian of science and technology Henry Lowood, "DeFRaG" can be called an instance of transformative high-performance play.
The modification was released to the public in ca. September–October 2000. In 2002 "DeFRaG" was selected as "Mod of the Week" at Planet Quake.
microIFS and miniIFS were removed from the scheme. IFS and helpers remain as the same, but later, in Windows NT 4.0, a defragmentation helper (DEFRAG) was added.
"DeFRaG" was initially designed for making possible a new kind of competition based on timed runs. Those competitions called ""DeFRaG" runs" differ from common speedruns in several ways. Unlike speedruns, "DeFRaG" runs are not done in maps from an out-of-the-box original game, but in specially designed and customed "DeFRaG" maps, and there are no opponents to be vanquished during the run. Because of their design many of these maps cannot be completed by normal player skills; rather trickjumping skills are indispensable. Furthermore start-, checkpoints-, and stop-triggers are built into the maps. As a proof of the accomplishment the mod automatically records a demo of every map completed successfully. Along with the demo, the precise time in which the map was completed is stored.
As early as the end of 1982, the IBM PC DOS operating system that shipped with early IBM Personal Computers included a Disk Volume Organization Optimizer to defragment the 5¼-inch floppy disks that those machines used. Microsoft's MS-DOS did not defragment hard disks. Several third party software developers marketed defragmenters to fill this gap. MS-DOS 6.0 introduced Defrag. Windows NT, however, did not offer a Defrag utility, and Symantec was suggested as a possible source of the utility.
There are userspace defragmentation tools, like Shake and defrag. Shake works by allocating space for the whole file as one operation, which will generally cause the allocator to find contiguous disk space. If there are files which are used at the same time, Shake will try to write them next to one another. Defrag works by copying each file over itself. However, this strategy works only if the file system has enough free space. A true defragmentation tool does not exist for ext3.
AOIB's latest album is about the return of the gods from deep space. Covering the fear of the extraterrestrial. It is said to be a futuristic concept album, a new telling of the apocalypse and the new age of life that extends afterwards. The 'Defrag the Earth' EP was released in October 2009. The "Polytheistic Revolution" LP is due to be released in October 2010. 'Defrag The Tour' will occur during summer 2010.
The "DeFRaG" modification is completely taking out violence from a first-person shooter. The gameplay mode or discipline called "deathmatch" came of age with "Doom" and was also in "Q3A", the latter being dedicated to multiplayer competition. From these games electronic sports, and particularly its professional variant emerged. The same games drove the computer games and violence controversy to unprecedented heights. While the "Doom" series was heavily criticized for its gory content, the problem with "Q3A" was seen to be its focus on deathmatch, because in this discipline the ultimate objective is to kill ("frag"), as many other players as possible. But in "DeFRaG"'s gameplay modes killing opponents has no place whatsoever. "DeFRaG" gameplay is all about improving the skills to exploit the peculiarities of the "Q3A" physics in order to move faster, to navigate along courses through the map topographies formerly deemed to be impossible, or to perform moves as yet unseen. In consequence, the in-game weapons are no more regarded as instruments of destruction. Rather "DeFRaG" players use them as tools for moving around gamespace. This transformation of a first-person shooter into a vehicle for "virtual gymnastics" meanwhile has gradually been recognized by mainstream media. It is thrown into the public discourse as a counterweight to the stereotype of computer games fostering violent behaviour. The "DeFRaG" mod stars prominently in this.
Team tricking weapon-jumpings requires teamwork with minimum one additional player. In "DeFRaG" every weapon can be used in this technique; the other player's weapon may deliver additional momentum. Most common team techniques includes gauntlet-, rocket-, grenade- and rail-jumping.