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Examples of "degrandis"
DeGrandis also wrote, produced, storyboard designed and directed the 2001 animated direct to video film "Timber Wolf".
He defeated fellow future world-title challenger Joey DeGrandis to win the 1988 New England Golden Gloves championships.
Born and raised in Colts Neck, New Jersey, DeGrandis studied animation at the California Institute of the Arts. Prior to entering CalArts, he graduated from Christian Brothers Academy and Monmouth University. DeGrandis got his first big break working on Chuck Jones' segment on the 1992 movie "Stay Tuned", and his first television animation work was on "The Ren and Stimpy Show".
In addition to his animation work, DeGrandis is also noted for his drawings of drag racing cars, which emulate the style of one of DeGrandis' early influences, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. He has also been an active drag racer as well.
Mad Jack the Pirate is an animated television series. The show was created by Bill Kopp and was directed by Jeff DeGrandis (who previously worked together on "Toonsylvania"). On American television, the show was broadcast on Fox Kids.
Jeff DeGrandis is an American animation director and producer. He was a Supervising Producer on "Dora the Explorer", "Go, Diego, Go!", and "Ni Hao Kai Lan". He recently produced, directed, voice directed and created "The Finster Finster Show!" short for "Random! Cartoons" and voiced Chicken #1.
"Shnookums and Meat" was created and written by Bill Kopp, who also created "Toonsylvania" and "Mad Jack the Pirate". The show was directed by Jeff DeGrandis. Kopp was the voice of Eek! The Cat and Yuckie Duck from "The What-A-Cartoon! Show" on Cartoon Network.
M-16 Mateen went on to decision John Scully twice, later known as the trainer of Chad Dawson, and drew with future Cruiserweight (boxing) champion O'Neil Bell. M-16 went onto to win the United States Boxing Organization Cruiserweight title by 12 round decision over Joey DeGrandis. M-16 Mateen went on to win the International Boxing Union version of the World Cruiserweight (boxing) title, stopping Uriah Grant twice in title bouts. Grant went on to stop Thomas Hearns.
The Finster Finster Show! was created by DeGrandis when he was a student at CalArts in 1982. He developed a short film based on the concept and even recorded the voices himself in 1983. While working as an executive producer to several Nickelodeon / Nick Jr. productions, he pitched the idea to Nickelodeon and Frederator Studios for the "fourth season of Oh Yeah! Cartoons". They gave him the greenlight, he did the storyboards and scripts and the voice recording was done exactly 23 years after the 1983 voice recording of the short film. The short aired in Random! Cartoons in 2008.
In season 2, Bill Kopp and Jeff DeGrandis left the show and were replaced by Paul Rugg. The series' format changed into more of a sitcom style, with Igor, Dr. Frankenstein and Phil interacting with a variety of new characters, including a snooping next-door neighbor Seth Tuber (voiced by Jonathan Harris), who was based on Norman Bates from "Psycho". He interacted with his "immobile" mother by putting his hand over his mouth and talking into it. There was also a typical Transylvanian angry mob that was in fact a cheerful group of Beatles-esque hipsters. Most of these new characters were voiced by Paul Rugg, who also improvised many of their lines.
Kyle did not have much luck until in 2005 where he pitched "MooBeard the Cow Pirate" to Nickelodeon and Frederator Studios for their then-upcoming series, "Random! Cartoons". One of his friends, who was a crew member on "My Life as a Teenage Robot" told him about the fourth season of "Oh Yeah! Cartoons" needing new shorts. After several storyboards, he got the greenlit. He did the final storyboards, key poses, character designs, voice direction and provided the voices of "Ungus the Unpleasant" and the "Cow Eating Gentleman". Since this was his first TV job, he gave the directing position to Jeff DeGrandis who not only was pitching his own short "The Finster Finster Show" but also directed "The Shnookums and Meat Funny Cartoon Show" on Disney which was his favorite as a kid and influenced his style. The short finally aired on Nicktoons Network on December 6, 2008.