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Examples of "degroot"
56. Saskatchewan Roughriders Lorne DeGroot DT Alberta
Paul DeGroot and Dick Oliver, Internet Graphics Gallery. QUE.
DeGroot retired from coaching after the 1952 season.
Neil P. DeGroot – "72 Hours" for "The Lost Coast"
Born in Scranton, Pennsylvania, DeGroot graduated from Roosevelt University and earned master's and doctor's degrees from the University of Chicago. DeGroot joined Carnegie Mellon in 1957 and became a University Professor, the school's highest faculty position.
It is possible to examine the outcome of the DeGroot learning process in large societies,
where the integral is taken over the whole set formula_4 (DeGroot, pp 121).
Morris Herman DeGroot (June 8, 1931 – November 2, 1989) was an American statistician.
Wallace deGroot Cecil Rice (1859–1939) was an American author and vexillographer from Hamilton, Ontario.
DeGroot is an agglutinated from of the Dutch surname De Groot. It may refer to:
DeGroot died at the age of 70 on May 5, 1970 at his home in El Cajon, California.
Wallace deGroot Cecil Rice was a direct descendant of Edmund Rice an early immigrant to Massachusetts Bay Colony as follows.
10-Kelly Strand (OH); 9-Toni Tedeschi (MB); Dave DeGroot (head coach); Burt Fuller and Max Kernaghan (asst. coaches)
The Becker–DeGroot–Marschak method (BDM), named after Gordon M. Becker, Morris H. DeGroot and Jacob Marschak for the 1964 "Behavioral Science" paper, "Measuring Utility by a Single-Response Sequential Method" is an incentive-compatible procedure used in experimental economics to measure willingness to pay (WTP).
DeGroot learning refers to a rule-of-thumb type of social learning process. The idea was stated in its general form by the American statistician Morris H. DeGroot; antecedents were articulated by John R. P. French and Frank Harary. The model has been used in physics, computer science and most widely in the theory of social networks.
The Dons' head coach was "Dud" DeGroot, a Stanford football player who had gone on to earn a PhD from that institution. DeGroot had served as head coach of the NFL's Washington Redskins in 1944 and 1945 before jumping over to the rival AAFC for its debut 1946 season.
DeGroot was a member of the United States rugby team that won an Olympic gold medal during the 1924 competition in Paris. A journal by DeGroot about the activities of this Olympic rugby team was published throughout 23 days during July 1924 by the newspaper, The Call.
This connection to Hemingway was reinforced by a one-man play called "Papa" by John deGroot, which debuted in 1996. Set during a "Life" magazine photo session in 1959, deGroot has the character utter the phrase as a means of illustrating Hemingway’s brevity. In "Playbill", deGroot defended his portrayal of Hemingway by saying, "Everything in the play is based on events as described by Ernest Hemingway, or those who knew him well. Whether or not these things actually happened is something we’ll never know truly. But Hemingway and many others claimed they did."
In both 1923 and 1924, DeGroot was the Intercollegiate Association of Amateur Athletes of America, 4A, ICAAAA, or IC4A, backstroke champion.
Dudley DeGroot, previously head football coach at West Virginia, was hired to take over the Lobos football program after Huffman's firing. Under DeGroot's watch, the Lobos compiled a record of 13–17 in three seasons, which saw the Lobos' fortunes improve on the field. DeGroot saw how limited his talents were and decided to concentrate and gamble on an all-out defense. Every facet of defense DeGroot had coached over 30 years came into being at practices. A dedicated and aggressive defense devised by DeGroot and his relentless assistants brought UNM unofficial "Defensive Team of the Year" honors by all of the major wire services. The season totals were a 7–2 record with five shutouts. The Lobos allowed just 46 points in nine games, an average of 5.1 a game.