Synonyms for deimmunized or Related words with deimmunized

humanised              synhumanized              deimmunised              humaneered              chimerized              murinized              germlined              caninized              chimaeric              heterochimeric              primatised              bispecifics              bovinized              chimerised              camelized              neliximab              sdab              sdabs              antibodiessee              aglycosylated              immunobinders              humanisation              felinized              camelid              felinised              caninised              mammalized              sgiv              minibody              surrobody              biparatopic              chimerisation              camelization              chimerizing              humanized              superhumanised              camelised              vnar              aglycosyl              bispecifc              vnerk              monobody              andhumanized              crossmab              nanobody              hglg              surrobodies              vhh              porcinized              monospecific             

Examples of "deimmunized"
De-immunization by epitope modification is a strategy for reducing immunogenicity based on disruption of HLA binding, an underlying requirement for T cell stimulation. The idea of rational epitope modification is rooted in the natural process that occurs when tumor cells and pathogens evolve to escape immune pressure by accumulating mutations that reduce the binding of their constituent epitopes to host HLA, rendering the host cell unable to “signal” to T cells the presence of the tumor or pathogen. Deimmunized protein therapeutics are now entering the clinic; initial results appear to support this approach to reducing immunogenicity risk. Several methods exist for deimmunization by epitope modification for reduced immunologic potential in-vitro, in-vivo and ex-vivo.