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Examples of "delaforce"
People of the family name De la Force (Delaforce)originate from the town of Fources.
In 1923, already aged 61, he married Phoebe Violet Delaforce. His second wife had been born in 1900 in Portugal, the daughter of Henry John Delaforce, of a notable port-wine shipping family. They had two children, John and Mary. Everard Charles Cotes died at their home, Birdshill Cottage, Oxshott, Surrey, on 4 October 1944.
The current principal is Dr Mark Sly. The current Head of Primary is Mr Graeme Kirkpatrick. The current Head of Junior Secondary is Ms Anita Ramsay. The current Head of Secondary and Deputy Principal is Mr Mark Heaney. The Director of Early Learning is Mrs Jenny Rees. Other key staff members include the Business Manager, Mr David Dobbie, the Head of Teaching and Learning Processes, Mr Alex Delaforce, and the current Head of Senior Schooling, Mr Wayne van den Bos.
"He had of course the presence and the personality which enabled him to win the hearts and minds of all who served under him. A decisive manner, often brutally frank and outspoken, he always had a twinkle in his eye and a most infectious grin. After every action he would always go and visit his field ambulance to see and offer a word of comfort and cheer to the wounded. A great Christian and a great soldier". Chapter Nine, Stalemate, page 58, "Monty's Iron Sides From the Normandy Beaches to Bremen with the 3rd Division", Patrick Delaforce.
Fonseca Guimaraens, often simply called Fonseca, is one of the largest Port wine houses in Portugal. Manoel Pedro Guimaraens established the company in 1822 when he acquired control of the Fonseca and Monteiro Company from the Fonseca Family by purchase of the majority of Fonseca owned shares. A condition of the sale of Fonseca's shares was that the name Fonseca remain as the brand name. David Guimaraens, the great-great-great grandson of the founder Manuel Pedro, has been the head winemaker since 1994, and oversees the winemaking and blending for all four Taylor Fladgate Port houses: Taylor Fladgate, Fonseca Guimaraens, Croft, and Delaforce.
Beevor and Delaforce have written that the ambush would have been mitigated had it been detected sooner and blame "Erskine's failure to provide [a] reconnaissance screen" ahead of the British vanguard as it moved to Point 213. Marie wrote that the British vanguard out-paced the rest of the Brigade group, whose flanks were well protected and advanced with poor information and little intelligence gathering. Milner of the Rifle Brigade wrote that information was not gleaned from the town's inhabitants when it should have been and that had the battalion scout platoon been present, the result of the first engagement may have been different. Milner also wrote that the first attack could have been repulsed had the battalion officers and NCOs been with their men instead of with the O-group on the ridge.
Those families of British origin with the strongest ties to the Port trade over the last three centuries are closely linked to the history of the Factory House. The walls on either side of the imposing entrance hall, with its lofty vaulted ceiling supported by impressive granite columns, are decorated with large wooden plaques listing the names of all the Treasurers since 1811. Among these can be found some names still closely associated with the great Port Houses such as Cockburn, Croft, Delaforce, Fladgate, Forrester, Graham, Guimaraens, Robertson, Roope, Sandeman, Symington, Taylor and Warre. By 1814, the building turned into more of a private gentleman's club among the merchants. During the 19th century, the Factory House developed an air of exclusivity, holding formal balls for the British of Porto and excluding most of the Portuguese shippers who worked in the wine industry. Today, membership is from seven British Port companies represented by British Directors of Member Houses. There are twelve full-time members of the house. Other category of membership exist, honorary members, retired members, associate members and visitors to the lunch room. Other than Honorary members all other members either work, or have worked, for the Member companies.
In the late 1990s, he began performing on the opera stage as a tenor, singing Pinkerton in "Madama Butterfly", Rodolfo in "La bohème", and Edgardo in "Lucia di Lammermoor" for Edmonton Opera. He made his New York City Opera debut in 1995 as Don José in "Carmen", a role he has also sung at Atlanta Opera, Virginia Opera, Toledo Opera, Indianapolis Opera, Portland Opera Repertory Theatre, as well as in Milwaukee, Boston, Philadelphia and several other American cities. Klein returned to the Metropolitan Opera in 2001 when he made his house debut as a tenor on 26 November, singing Count Elemer in "Arabella". In the succeeding nine years he has performed 62 times with the company in 10 different operas. Although most of his performances there have been in comprimario roles such as Yaryshkinin in "The Nose", Chevalier Delaforce in "Dialogues of the Carmelites", and Fyodor in "War and Peace", he also sang Steva in "Jenůfa" (2002) and The Witch in "Hansel and Gretel" (2008).