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Examples of "delorenzi"
John Alessio was originally scheduled to face Guillaume DeLorenzi at the event, however, DeLorenzi withdrew from the bout due to injury and was replaced by Eric Wisely.
Ray Delorenzi (born June 14, 1952) is a retired professional ice hockey player who played in 42 games in the World Hockey Association with the Vancouver Blazers and Calgary Cowboys.
Patricky Freire was originally supposed to face Guillaume DeLorenzi in the main event. However, on the day of the weigh ins Freire was pulled from the card due to an "undisclosed injury" and replaced by Saad Awad.
In his first fight after being released from UFC, Hartt faced Guillaume DeLorenzi at Ringside MMA: No Escape on June 18, 2010. He lost the fight via shoulder injury TKO.
Quayhagen was scheduled to face Guillaume DeLorenzi at Bellator 76 on October 12, 2012. However, the bout was rescheduled for November 2, 2012 at Bellator 79. The bout never materialized due to issues with Quayhagen's contract.
On January 31, 2013 at Bellator 87, Awad was expected to face Jason Fischer. However, he had to replace Patricky Freire in the quarterfinal match of due to a knee injury against Guillaume DeLorenzi. He won via KO 31 seconds into the first round.
In 1868, she travelled to Paris, where she studied with Gilbert Duprez at the Conservatoire de Paris. She spent six months in Paris, training with Duprez. She then travelled to Italy, where she studied Italian opera singing with Francesco Lamperti. Under the guidance of her elocution instructor, Signor Delorenzi, she changed her name to the simpler Emma Albani, which sounded more European. She made her debut at Messina using the surname Albani.