Synonyms for delved or Related words with delved

forayed              delves              segued              delve              shoehorned              parlayed              foraying              segueing              coaxed              metamorphosised              goads              ventured              goaded              shapeshifts              metamorphosized              segues              devolves              lulled              delving              transmogrified              crept              inveigled              seguing              shapeshifted              woges              refashioned              snuck              snowballed              blossomed              cursoroutofrange              bluffed              cajoles              guilted              coaxes              guilts              reintegrated              forays              cajoled              dragooned              barged              sudivided              coerces              sneaked              filmentered              interjected              conned              goading              blundered              burgeoned              andincorporate             

Examples of "delved"
About this time he delved deeper into the spiritual practices.
"4 Qtrs" delved into the day's 4 biggest sports news stories every 15 minutes.
Fox Fuse delved into the artist management business in 2012 with Jamaican dancehall artist Stein.
An extraordinarily glowingly delved into and finely written paperback – Kalyan Panja
Besides apparel, NASSA Group also delved into other industries to diversify the company's portfolio.
Several trials delved into effects of -arginine in MELAS syndrome, a mitochondrial disease.
In 2016 Stelmanis delved deeper into writing lyrics and wrote her band Austra's album "Future Politics" primarily alone.
Cokely's research delved into the history of Marcus Garvey, the Black Panthers and other areas of African-American history.
After the segment on Brazil's military, the economic contributions of Brazil are delved into, especially its rubber and crystal production.
He delved deep into Vaishnavite literature and had given full-fledged concerts comprising verses from the Kamba Ramayanam.
The series sometimes delved into topics that were controversial for its era. They included profiteering, nuclear testing, and prison reform.
RMW delved deeper into 3D film consulting, providing support during film shoots and advising filmmakers on 3D image alignments.
Pendell has also delved into politics, introducing the concept of "Horizon anarchism" at his Burning Man 2006 Palenque Norte lecture.
Of these 11 children, the descendants of the three in bold will be delved into with detail.
The concert was broken down into sections that delved into various phases of the music of Moheener Ghoraguli.
greater than that of the surrounding society. The study also delved into research on publishing houses, book prices, means of
This album delved deeper into the alternative and grunge genre the band explored in their previous album.
Riggby was one of the adventurers, along with Mordenkainen, Bigby and Yrag, who delved into Maure Castle to face off against Eli Tomorast and the demon Kerzit. Riggby, along with Mordenkainen's Citadel of Eight also delved into the dungeons underneath the Temple of Elemental Evil.
Cornish also delved into production when he (along with Danelli) produced the group April Wine's first live album in 1974, and "Stand Back" album in 1975.
She began drawing horses at four years old, and later, on a trip to Ireland in 1976, delved into watercolours as a self-taught painter.