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Examples of "delves"
Local schools include Delves Lane Infant School, and Delves Lane Junior School. The two schools have recently joined together and are now Delves Lane Community School.
He married Julia Delves Broughton, daughter of Sir Evelyn Delves Broughton, 12th Bt, in June 2014.
The area has three primary aged schools, Whitehall Junior School (uniform green), Delves Infant School and Delves Junior School (uniform blue). The Delves schools are separated from Whitehall Juniors by the Broadway.
The Delves, as well as hosting Walsall Football Club's matches, is home to Walsall Rugby Football Club, which is based on Delves Road.
Several other members of the family have also gained distinction. William Robert Broughton (1762–1821), great-grandson of Charles Broughton, younger son of the first Baronet, was a Captain in the Royal Navy. Theodore Delves Broughton (1872–1944), grandson of Reverend Thomas Delves Broughton, eldest son of Thomas Delves Broughton, third son of the sixth Baronet, was a Colonel and temporary Brigadier in the Royal Engineers. William Edward Delves Broughton (1802–1880), second son of the aforementioned Thomas Delves Broughton, third son of the sixth Baronet, was a General in the Royal Engineers. His second son William Edward Delves Broughton (1837–1895) was a Major-General in the Bengal Army. Rhoda Broughton (1840–1920), daughter of the Rev Delves Broughton (1812–1863) and granddaughter of the 8th Baronet, the Rev Sir Henry Delves Broughton, was a noted author.
Mainwaring married Mary Delves, daughter of Sir Henry Delves, 2nd Baronet, of Dodington. His son John succeeded to the baronetcy and was also an MP.
Mainwaring was the son of Sir Thomas Mainwaring, 1st Baronet of Peover Hall and his wife Mary Delves, daughter of Sir Henry Delves, 2nd Baronet, of Dodington.
Born Isabella Delves Broughton in Marylebone, London, she was the eldest child of Major Sir Evelyn Delves Broughton, a military officer, and his second wife, Helen Mary Shore, a barrister. Sir Evelyn was the only son of Jock Delves Broughton; his sister, Rosamond, married Simon Fraser, 15th Lord Lovat in 1938.
Delves was the son of Thomas Delves, a grazier of Hollington, Sussex. In 1635, he was apprenticed to a Merchant Taylor of London and himself became a merchant of London and a member of the Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors. His brother Thomas Delves was a Baron of Dover and returning officer for the port.
In March 1941, British aristocrat Sir Henry John "Jock" Delves Broughton was officially charged with Lord Erroll's murder. Delves Broughton had been aware of a passionate love affair between his young wife, Diana, and Erroll, in the months before his murder. De Janzé paid regular visits to Delves Broughton in prison, and, with her friend Idina, the late Errol's first wife, attended every day of the trial. In July 1941, Delves Broughton was acquitted due to lack of evidence.
The Delves family originated in Staffordshire and the Baronets were descended from Sir John Delves, Knight of the Shire for Staffordshire and three times High Sheriff of Staffordshire, and Sir John Delves, twice High Sheriff who was killed during the Wars of the Roses at the Battle of Tewkesbury in 1471.
A War-Hardened American Filmmaker Delves Into Islam -
As of 13 June 2007 the presumed thirteenth and present Baronet, David Delves Broughton, has not proven his succession and is therefore not on the Official Roll of the Baronetage; the baronetcy has been dormant since 1993. For more information, follow this link. David Delves Broughton is the great-great-grandson of Reverend Sir Thomas Delves Broughton, second son of the eighth Baronet.
problems and delves into solutions relevant to the same.
The presumed heir presumptive is Geoffrey Delves Broughton (born 1962).
Ravenscroft married Eliza Stapley, daughter of John Stapley of Hickstead in the parish of Twineham, Sussex. Their only child was a daughter Elizabeth who married Thomas Delves, son of Sir Henry Delves, 2nd Baronet.
Wybunbury Delves C of E Primary School is a Church of England primary school. Wybunbury Delves is a small school with around 250 pupils. The school is involved with sponsoring a school in Africa.
Brigadier Theodore Delves Broughton died in Pewsey, Wiltshire, on 1 February 1944.
He married Rosamond Delves Broughton on 10 October 1938. They had six children: