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Examples of "demaret"
Demaret is a French surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Michel Demaret (18 January 1940 - 9 November 2000) was a Belgian politician.
Jean Eudes Demaret (born 25 July 1984 in Senlis) is a French road bicycle racer for UCI Professional Continental team .
18 hole scores: Heafner/Burke: 2 up, Ward/Lees: 3 up, Snead/Mangrum: 5 up, Hogan/Demaret: 3 up.
The Champions Golf Club is a 36-hole golf club in the southern United States, located in Houston, Texas. It was founded in 1957 by multiple major champions Jack Burke, Jr. and Jimmy Demaret, who were both raised in the city. Burke (b.1923) won the Masters and PGA Championship in 1956 and Demaret was the first to win three Masters (1940, 1947, 1950).
Byron Nelson's record 18 victories came in a year when many potential rivals were in military service. Ben Hogan missed half the PGA tour season while both Lloyd Mangrum and Jimmy Demaret missed virtually the entire season. Hogan and Demaret played in only 2 of Nelson's 11 straight tournament wins and Mangrum played in none.
Fairon-Demaret investigated fossils from Sart Tilman (Liège, Belgium), and discovered that some specimens were identical to those previously called "Dawsonites jabachensis". However details of the shape of the sporangia (spore-forming organs) were inconsistent with the definition of the form genus "Dawsonites", so Fairon-Demaret transferred the species to a new genus, "Sartilmania".
Paul Demaret (Ostend, 24 September 1941) is a university professor and former rector of the College of Europe, located in Bruges (Belgium) and Natolin (Poland).
Jean-Baptiste Demaret (1793-1884) became mayor of Amagne in 1830 and remained so for 42 years. He was awarded the Legion of Honour.
18 hole scores: Faulkner/Adams: 3 up, Daly/Bousfield: 2 up, Demaret/Heafner: 1 up, Burton/Lees v Snead/Mangrum: all square.
18 hole scores: Harrison: 7 up, Adams: 1 up, Snead: 1 up, Rees: 4 up, Burton: 1 up, Harbert: 5 up, Demaret: 5 up, Mangrum: 1 up.
Demaret was a guest star on an episode of "I Love Lucy" in 1954, and made another appearance with Lucille Ball on "The Lucy Show" in 1964. The over-70s groupings on the Senior PGA Tour were named the Friends of Demaret in his honor. He died of a heart attack at age 73 in Houston on December 28, 1983, as he was getting ready for a round of golf.
Jimmy Demaret, the 1940 champion, was the co-leader after both the first and second rounds, and had a three-shot lead after 54 holes. He carded a 71 on Sunday and won by two strokes over Byron Nelson and amateur Frank Stranahan. Demaret joined Horton Smith and Nelson as two-time winners of the Masters. He was the first to score four sub-par rounds in the same Masters and later became the first three-time winner in 1950.
Jimmy Demaret won the first of his three Masters titles, four strokes ahead of runner-up Lloyd Mangrum, the largest margin of victory until 1948. The purse was $5,000 and the winner's share was $1,500.
The tournament was won by Ben Hogan with a total score of 17-under-par 271, three strokes better than runner-up Jimmy Demaret. Hogan received a gold medal and $1,200 in War Bonds for his win.
Demaret was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1983. In 2000, he was ranked as the 20th greatest golfer of all time by "Golf Digest" magazine.
The 1948 event, which played as the Lower Rio Grande Open, was won by Lloyd Mangrum in an 18-hole playoff over Jimmy Demaret. Mangrum received the $2,000 winners share out of a total of $10,000 in prize money.
A corpulent man, Michel Demaret was popularly known as "Dikke Mich" (Fat Mike in Dutch), or "Monsieur 10%" (Mister 10% in French), for his reputation of taking 10% for each contract as alderman for Public Works.
Jimmy Demaret won the event three times; his first was a 54-hole midweek event in 1953, and the last was an 18-hole playoff on Monday in 1957 for consecutive titles.
Demaret holds a PhD in law from the University of Liège, an LL.M. from Columbia Law School and a JSD from UC Berkeley. He defended his doctorate of law at the University of Liège.