Synonyms for demented or Related words with demented

depressives              schizophrenic              nondemented              deranged              narcoleptic              neurotic              schizophrenics              lethargic              dyspneic              debilitated              anosmic              llmd              neurotypical              dyslexic              catatonia              aphasic              unmedicated              epileptics              anhedonic              amci              constipated              malnourished              nauseous              homicidal              patientsand              cachexic              asthenic              psychiatrically              neuropathologically              frail              groggy              parkinsonian              subsyndromal              pocd              paranoid              pharmacoresistant              ymrs              obtunded              listless              cyanotic              euthymic              corpulent              symptomotology              jaundiced              syndromal              bfnc              pathognomonic              morbid              irbd              mtbi             

Examples of "demented"
"The Demented Man" is a Brock acoustic number. (Also listed as "The Demented King".)
"Demented Tone Arm" 1986 Directed by David Kristian
Melanie Is Demented is an electro punk rock artist from Stockholm, Sweden.
Melanie is Demented has music featured in various films, such as the Truckfighters movie.
"The New Rolling Stone Album Guide" calls "Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show" "genuinely demented."
3. When the woman is under twelve years of age or is demented.
This begins a downward spiral for him and he becomes progressively more and more demented.
Paul Roman returned to England, this time with a work permit, but found that his plans with a record label had fallen through to record a solo record.By chance Paul met Ant Thomas, a member of English psychobilly band Demented Are Go, in a laundromat and learned they lived in the same neighbourhood. Demented Are Go's guitarist, Lex, had just quit the band, and Paul Roman joined to fill in on Demented Are Go's already booked tour of England.
In 1990, four children at an Auckland Jewish day school were stabbed by an apparently demented woman, but all survived.
On stage, he starred in the play "Demented" by playwright Gary Mitchell at the Lyric Theatre in Belfast.
Hellbilly Storm is the seventh full-length studio album by the Welsh psychobilly band Demented Are Go.
Hellucifernation is the sixth studio album from Welsh psychobilly band Demented are Go (often abbreviated DAG), released in 1999.
The character of Morvern also is in Warner's second novel, "These Demented Lands" (1997) and third novel, "The Sopranos" (1998).
On 13 September 1931 a demented man (Szilveszter Matuska) blasted the train to Vienna on the viaduct of Biatorb√°gy.
In this episode, Captain Kirk faces off with a demented shape-shifting starship captain determined to control the universe.
Allmovie gave it a mixed review, citing its "demented screenplay" and "[Luciano Ercoli's] often overreaching direction" as drawbacks.
Orgasmic Nightmare is the fourth full-length album released by the Welsh psychobilly band Demented Are Go.
2. Operation Overkill -- The demented leaders of Knights of Vigilance plan to assassinate the president and overthrow the government.
"Cecil B. Demented" was a box office failure, grossing a mere $1,961,544 from an estimated $10 million budget.
Escott and Lance describe the clip as "Busby Berkley meets Frankenstein. A demented toy box of Broadway horror".