Synonyms for denticulata or Related words with denticulata

interrupta              gracillima              gracilipes              debilis              papuana              foveolata              hyalina              ferruginea              arcuata              calcarata              virgata              propinqua              perrieri              cincta              tuberculata              amoena              delicatula              papillosa              gracilior              caliginosa              sinuosa              decipiens              plumosa              pygmaea              insignis              costata              confinis              reducta              cornuta              consobrina              intricata              obesa              angustata              ventricosa              decussata              perplexa              atrata              tessellatus              costatus              dimidiata              distinctus              fumosa              punctulata              sumatrana              constricta              tessellata              lilacina              subulata              disjuncta              puncticollis             

Examples of "denticulata"
"Caladenia denticulata" subsp. "denticulata" is classified as "not threatened" by the Western Australian Government Department of Parks and Wildlife.
"Eremophila denticulata" subsp. "denticulata" occurs near Ravensthorpe. There is a record by "Black" in South Australia but this report has not been accepted. "Eremophila denticulata" subsp. "trisulcata" occurs near Mount Buraminya and Mount Ragged in the Cape Arid National Park.
"Pirimela denticulata" was first described by George Montagu in 1808, under the name "Cancer denticulata". It was later transferred by William Elford Leach to his new genus "Pirimela", which contains only "P. denticulata". A second species of "Pirimela", "P. princeps", is now considered to be synonymous with "P. denticulata".
Wanlessia denticulata is a species of jumping spider.
"Peringiella denticulata" possesses a white and yellow sheen and has a simple spiral shape; it tends retain the size of about 3 millimeters from top to bottom. "Peringiella denticulata" possesses vertical striations both inside and out.
Callionima denticulata is a species of moth in the family Sphingidae, which is known from Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Peru and western Venezuela. It was originally described by Schaus as "Calliomma denticulata", in 1895.
Pirimela is a genus of crab containing a single species, Pirimela denticulata.
Coleophora denticulata is a moth of the Coleophoridae family. It is found in Tibet.
Aa denticulata is a species of orchid in the genus "Aa".
Imma denticulata is a moth in the Immidae family. It was described by Meyrick in 1910.
Pterophorus denticulata is a moth of the Pterophoridae family. It known from New Guinea and Micronesia.
The specific epithet "denticulata" means "small-toothed", referring to the serrated leaf edges.
"P. denticulata" is known to contain the contact allergens primin and other quinoid compounds.
Anthela denticulata is a moth of the Anthelidae family. It is found in Australia.
Fuchsia denticulata is a plant of the genus "Fuchsia" native to Bolivia and Peru.
Branchinella denticulata is a species of crustacean in the family Thamnocephalidae. It is endemic to Australia.
Hypena denticulata is a moth of the Noctuidae family. It is found in India (Darjeeling).
The larvae feed on "Dissotis" species (including "D. denticulata") and possibly "Antherotoma naudinii".
"Odontoponera" was established by Mayr (1862) to house the species "Ponera denticulata" (now "Odontoponera denticulata"), placing it in the subfamily Ponerinae. "O. denticulata" was later synonymized with "O. transversa", but was revived as a species by Yamane (2009). Molecular phylogeny by Schmidt's (2013) placed the genus in the "Odontomachus" group, although it is not closely related to any other genus. The name means "toothed "Ponera"", incorporating the prefix "odonto-".
"Caladenia denticulata" was first formally described by John Lindley in 1840 and the description was published in "A Sketch of the Vegetation of the Swan River Colony". In 2015, Andrew Brown and Garry Brockman described three subspecies, including subspecies "denticulata" and the descriptions were published in "Nuytsia". The specific epithet ("denticulata") is a Latin word meaning "with small teeth", referrring to the small teeth on the labellum.