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Examples of "deplazes"
With the decline in the number of speakers of the Romansch dialects in Switzerland, the readership of works in the language has also reduced. Peer's efforts to sustain the tradition complement those of his peers - Ruth Plouda, GIon Deplazes, Clo Dori Bezzola, Andri Peer and Cla Biert.
Other writers include: Maurus Carnot (1846–1935), Giachen Michel Hay (1860–1920), Gian Fontana (1897–1935), Leza Uffer (1912–1982), Armon Planta (1917–1986), Gion Luregn Derungs, Gion Deplazes (born 1918), Cla Biert (1920–1981), Andri Peer (1921–1985), Martin Suter, Tim Krohn.
Barla Catrina Deplazes (born 14 November 1995) is a Swiss football forward, playing for FC Zürich of Switzerland's Nationalliga A. Since her debut in March 2015, a 4–1 defeat by Brazil, she has been a member of the Switzerland women's national football team.
Benno (Fabian Krüger) lives a relatively quiet life, working as a stamp dealer and living alone, although he frequently visits his girlfriend Patrizia (Florine Elena Deplazes). However, he has one great irritation in life: His apartment lies above a diner owned by a woman called Sandra (Irene Brügger), who frequently keeps Benno awake by practising her one-man-band act for a talent show at night.
The earliest reference to the order Microsporidia was in the mid-20th century. "E. bieneusi" was first found in an AIDS patient in France in 1985. The electron microscope studies revealed presence of developmental stages of parasite resembling microsporidia. The investigators then named it as "E. bieneusi" (Desportes et al. 1985). The presence of "E. bieneusi" in swine was first detected in fecal samples of pigs in Zurich, Switzerland in 1996 (Deplazes et al. 1996)
After World War II, Modern architecture became the dominant style throughout the country. At the same time it began to divide into many different forms and regional styles. In Ticino a group of architects including Tita Carloni, Luigi Snozzi, Bruno Reichlin, Fabio Reinhart and Mario Botta developed a style based on Functionalism and Rationalism and incorporating contrasts often with geometric designs and using local materials. The Graubünden Movement consists of a number of Swiss architects who build modern structures that blend into the local villages. One of the most famous is Peter Zumthor, who builds simple, down to earth buildings with minimal use of resources. Other Graubünden Movement architects include Valerio Olgiati, Andrea Deplazes and Gion A. Caminada.
A new hi-tech environmentally friendly mountain hut was designed by architect Andrea Deplazes of ETH Zurich and inaugurated in September 2009. The project of the Swiss Alpine Club, to mark the 150th anniversary of ETH Zurich, was launched in 2003. The construction materials prefabricated elements were transported by train to Zermatt and 3,000 helicopter trips were needed to take 35 workers and materials up to the glacier. The five-story polygonal building was built on stainless steel foundations with a spiral interior made out of wood, the exterior being covered with an aluminum shell. The building is designed to obtain 90 percent of its power needs from the sun. Excess energy is stored in valve-regulated lead-acid accumulators (English: batteries), which supply power when it is overcast. Water is collected from melting glaciers and stored in a large reservoir 40 meters above the hut. Bands of windows allow the sun to heat air inside the spiral building with the redistribution of thermal energy produced by visitors.
From the 1940s onwards, Romansh writers began to reflect on the widespread economical and social changes of traditional Romansh society and the word of modernity. Andri Peer (1921–1985) from the Lower Engadine is considered one of the first modern Romansh writers, whose works introduced modern literary trends into Romansh. His modern writing style was initially met with opposition, and he was not fully recognized and appreciated until much later. Another Engadine writer of this literary movement is Cla Biert (1920–1981), who became known for his humorous short stories. Notably Sursilvan writers include Flurin Darms (born 1918) for his lyrics, and Gion Battesta Sialm (1897–1977) and Guglielm Gadola (1902–1961) for their short stories. One of the more famous contemporary novelists is Toni Halter (1914–1986), who treated historic or rural themes in his works. Also known for his novels and short stories is the Sursilvan writer Gion Deplazes (born 1918). The Engadine writer Jon Semadeni (1910–1981) is the author of several theater plays and sketches, in addition to writing some prose as well. Also known for their plays are Men Gaudenz and Tista Murk (1915–1992) from the Val Müstair and Carli Fry (1897–1956) from Surselva. More recently, the Sursilvan writer Arno Camenisch (born 1978) gained attention outside the Romansh community for his novels and short stories, including the bilingual Romansh-German book "Sez Ner".