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Examples of "deprez"
Josue Deprez (born 30 October 1981) is an Haitian judoka.
Deprez, E., Theys, H. (2014) ‘Quatre Mains Reniere&Depla’, Lannoo
Deprez or Déprez is a French/Belgian surname that may refer to
Theys, H., Deprez, E., Elias, W. (2009) ‘Reniere&Depla 2005-2009’ Asp editions, Brussels
She then left the PSC when Gérard Deprez founded the Citizens' Movement for Change.
This mighty castle is now the property of the family Deprez.
In later years, Deprez set up a 112 km long DC transmission in France between Creil and Paris, using 6kV.
Junger, Falk, Doornbos, and Deprez make cameo appearances in the movie as unnamed journalists in the press pack.
Combes took an interest in his students. A young Marcel Deprez failed to complete the course at the School of Mines. He must have made a good impression as he was employed as Combes' secretary. Deprez went on to show that electricity could be transmitted over long distances.
Juan Luis Boscio Deprez (b. 21 July 1896 - d. 1980) was a Puerto Rican politician and Mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico from 1961 to 1964.
In 1995, the original core trio of Sordinia, Deprez and Den Tandt reunited under the name Jazz, recording one self-released album, "Nightvision".
Marcel Deprez (December 12, 1843 – October 13, 1918) was a French electrical engineer. He was born in Aillant-sur-Milleron. He died in Vincennes.
Ms Deprez once head of music and founded the school choir who travel to the M.E.N. Arena every year to sing and participate in productions.
Dupré is a French name that literally means "from the meadow". Also existing variants are Duprée, DuPree, DePrez, Dupre, Duprez, and Du Preez.
Citizens' Movement for Change (, MCC) is a Christian democratic political party in the French Community of Belgium founded by Gérard Deprez in 1998.
Another compilation, "In Mutation", was issued in 2016 by Les Disques du Crépuscule, including a 1981 solo cassette single by Deprez and a 1982 live set.
Deprez studied philosophy, language and literature and added postgraduate studies in sociology. He worked as an assistant lecturer at the Catholic University of Louvain from 1966 to 1974 and did his doctorate at the same time.
Wouter Deprez (born 14 February 1975 in Geluwe) is a Flemish comedian and cabaretier. In 2003 he won Humo's Comedy Cup and in 2005 he won the TV quiz De Slimste Mens.
In 2014 the art publishing house Lannoo issued the book ‘Quatre Mains, Reniere&Depla 2009-2014’. It contains comments about the work of Reniere&Depla and about the way they cooperate, by Hans Theys en Eleen Deprez.
Her 2005 composition "Whisper Ears" is one of the pieces chosen to play at the Radio Forest which is a sound installation created by Amy Franceschini and Stijn Schiffeleers near Neerpelt which was restyled by Koen Deprez.