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Examples of "deram"
All remaining Derinja (as well as Bios' second orbital base/mothership) are dematerialized in Episode 45 when Albegas destroys Grand Deram and makes the Deram planet explode.
"Demon Records D 1010, later Demon / Deram Records DM 446"
The album was originally released on vinyl by Deram.
Note: All singles are on the Deram label except where noted.
Ten Years After “Undead” live at Klooks Kleek 14/05/1968 Deram SML 1023
The Deram Anthology 1966–1968 is a compilation album by David Bowie, released in 1997. It collects together most of the material Bowie recorded for Deram Records that has been previously released in some form, including the 1967 debut album in its entirety (tracks 5-18), in chronological order. Tracks 24-27 were mixed/recorded in 1969 after Bowie was dropped from Deram Records and were for the promotional video "Love You Till Tuesday", made to sell Bowie to a new label. Thus Deram originally had nothing to do with these tracks.
Deram Records was a subsidiary record label of Decca Records established in the United Kingdom in 1966. At this time U.K. Decca was a completely different company from the Decca label in the United States, which was then owned by MCA Inc. Deram recordings were also distributed in the U.S. through UK Decca's American branch, known as London Records. Deram was active until 1979, then continued as a reissue label.
In 1969, Decca launched a true progressive label called Nova, which lasted less than a year. This caused further confusion as simultaneous releases on "Deram Nova" and "Decca Nova" appeared. Decca released Justin Hayward's "Songwriter" (1977) and "Night Flight" (1980) vinyl albums on Deram. The label name was briefly revived in the early 1980s, when its roster included Bananarama, the Mo-dettes and Splodgenessabounds. Deram has also been used as a reissue imprint for other recordings in the Decca/London catalogue.
United We Stand is the debut album by The Brotherhood of Man. It was released in 1970 on Deram.
The album reached No. 164 on the "Billboard" 200. It was re-released by Deram on CD in 1990.
When the album first came out in January 1970, in the UK, it had the label "Deram Nova" which is a sub-label of Deram Records, itself sub-label of Decca Records. At that time, Decca was in competition with EMI, and the Nova series allowed it to release new kinds of music.
A race of purple-skinned beings led by Grand Deram, a sentient being made of energy which lives in the center of the Derinja's home planet Deram. "President" Azass is the leader of the invading force stationed at his orbital base and Generalissimo Duston his top army officer, until they are replaced in Episode 29 by Bios and his lieutenant Dari.
Images 1966–1967 is a compilation album by the British pop singer David Bowie. It comprises his first long player release as a solo artist for Deram Records, titled "David Bowie", released in 1967, and various singles and B-sides recorded for Deram during 1966 and 1967.
Run the Length of Your Wildness is the first album by Kathe Green. It was originally released by Deram Records, a sister label to Decca Records.
Deep Dark Blue Centre is the debut album by composer and bassist Graham Collier recorded in 1967 and originally released on the British Deram label.
In Search of the Lost Chord is the third album by The Moody Blues, released in July 1968 on the Deram label.
Tales of the Algonquin is the seventh album by English saxophonist John Surman recorded in 1971 and released on the Deram label.
Sweet Disarray is the debut studio album by British recording artist Dan Croll. It was released on 10 March 2014 by Deram Records in the United Kingdom.
Days of Future Passed is the second album and first concept album by English rock band The Moody Blues, released in November 1967 by Deram Records.
Outside of the Bootleg Beatles, Harrison released an album in 1974 on Deram Records called "All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go".