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khyutte              porkhomovskiy              brednev              grechin              menkov              shabasov              lagunov              golintovskii              yepishin              krauchanka              kruglyakov              fedoriv              komornikov              valukevic              letnicov              golovastov              sudnik              fesikov              bahdanovich              spasovkhodskiy              kuznyetsov              melnykov              danilchenko              bychenok              kostoglod              lyalko              smyrnov              semenenko              labzin              zyabrev              lisogor              sankovich              kovalevivan              kislykh              korotyshkin              pogorelov              kapralov              kuschynski              zaharov              selevko              trenikhin              chepelin              chebotko              svechkar              zyuskov              gripich              zurav              yevgenyev              prokofyev              shturbabin             

Examples of "derevyagin"
Alexsandr Derevyagin (; born March 24, 1979) is a Russian hurdler.
Pavel Yevgenyevich Derevyagin (; born 9 January 1996) is a Russian football player.
Svechkar won bronze medals in 4 x 400 metres relay at the 2005 Universiade, together with teammates Dmitriy Petrov, Alexander Borshchenko and Vladislav Frolov, and at the 2006 World Indoor Championships with Aleksandr Derevyagin, Yevgeniy Lebedev and Dmitriy Petrov.
Lebedev won the bronze medal in 4 x 400 metres relay at the 2006 World Indoor Championships, together with teammates Konstantin Svechkar, Aleksandr Derevyagin and Dmitriy Petrov. Previously Lebedev had finished seventh in the same event at the 2005 World Championships.
Since 1996 Aleshina works as a music director in the Demmeni Marionette Theatre in St. Petersburg. Since 1992 she collaborates with theater of Elena Kamburova. She is a co-founder of creative union "ASIA", together with Elena Frolova, Alexander Derevyagin and Nicholai Yakimov.
Puerto Rico's sole representative in the event participated in the first heat during the August 16 semifinal round, where he faced seven other athletes. Culson finished the race in 49.85 seconds, ranking last. South Africa's Pieter de Villiers ranked ahead of him in seventh place (49.44 seconds), as did Russia's Alexander Derevyagin, who ranked in sixth place (49.23 seconds). Culson's heat was led by American hurdlers Angelo Taylor (47.94 seconds) and Bershawn Jackson (48.02 seconds). Of the 16 semifinalists, Javier Culson ranked 14th. He did not advance to later rounds.
During the August 16 semifinal round, Phillips participated in the first heat, which included eight athletes. He finished fifth after finishing the race in 48.85 seconds. In doing so, Phillips defeated Russia's Aleksandr Derevyagin (49.23 seconds) and placed behind Poland's Marek Plawgo (48.75 seconds). The heat was led by the United States' Angelo Taylor (47.94 seconds) and the United States' Bershawn Jackson (48.02 seconds). Of the 16 semifinalists, Isa Phillips placed ninth. He was the only Jamaican who did not advance to the final round in the event.
Born in Riga, Frolova composed her first song at age of 15. That was song on poem "I wrote on the slate" by Marina Tsvetaeva. She was a winner of many song and music festivals, including the Second All-Union Festival in Tallinn in 1988. Since 1988 Elena performed together with Vera Evushkina, in the author's duet "VerLen". She is a co-founder and active member of creative group "ASiA", together with Tatiana Aleshina, Alexander Derevyagin and Nicholai Yakimov. She is a member of juries in Russian art song festivals, including Grushinsky festival. During last few years, Elena made a number of tours in trio "Trilogy" with performer of Russian romance Julia Ziganshina and singer-songwriter Elmira Galeeva,