Synonyms for dermatopathy or Related words with dermatopathy

dyspareunia              gravidarum              prostatomegaly              stomachache              aurium              debility              impotence              glossodynia              hyperemesis              prostatism              otalgia              hyposalivation              proctalgia              mastodynia              impotency              hyperosmia              menire              dyspeptic              colics              nauseas              spermatorrhea              vaginismus              emaciation              pyrexia              gynecomastia              kraurosis              leucorrhea              disordersn              pharyngolaryngitis              xerostomia              atony              anosmia              pollakiuria              nosn              aphtha              jaundice              indigestion              psychogenic              nosebleeds              hyperpyrexia              dysuria              dysmenorrheal              dysphasia              nonsuppurative              epistaxis              leukorrhea              adnexitis              aggravatedn              nonulcer              diverticulosis             

Examples of "dermatopathy"
Head and lateral line erosion, (HLLE) or hole-in-the-head (HITH) is a disease in fish. Chronic ulcerative dermatopathy or chronic erosive dermatopathy are symptoms of similar conditions with different etiology.
Like all dogs, Norwich Terriers can have autoimmune reactivity to rabies vaccinations. Rabies-Vaccine-Induced Ischemic Dermatopathy, or RVI-ID, is a non-fatal but potentially serious reaction to chemicals called adjuvants in the vaccine. RVI-ID is often misdiagnosed, but if correctly diagnosed, is treatable. Symptoms may include: symmetrical dark spots or lesions at the tips of the ears; swelling, hard lumps or dark spots in the vicinity of the injection site.
There are four genetic disorders acknowledged by the industry that may affect horses of Friesian breeding: dwarfism, hydrocephalus, a tendency for aortic rupture, and mega-esophagus. There are genetic tests for the first two conditions. The Friesian is also among several breeds that may develop PSSM. Approximately 0.25% of Friesians are affected by dwarfism, which results in horses with a normal-sized head, a broader chest than normal, an abnormally long back and very short limbs. It is a recessive condition. Additionally, the breed has a higher-than-usual rate of digestive system disorders, and a greater tendency to have insect bite hypersensitivity. Like some other draught breeds, they are prone to a skin condition called Verrucous pastern dermatopathy and may be generally prone to having a compromised immune system. Friesian mares have a very high 54% rate of retained placenta after foaling. Some normal-sized Friesians also have a propensity toward tendon and ligament laxity which may or may not be associated with dwarfism. The relatively small gene pool and inbreeding are thought to be factors behind most of these disorders.