Synonyms for derryboy or Related words with derryboy

drumadonnell              mullaghboy              drumgath              cloghy              firmount              rodanstown              mullaghbrack              hamiltonsbawn              hillhall              ballycahalan              drummiller              kilconierin              skeagh              clogh              drumfad              formoyle              culliagh              ardress              kilthomas              creggaun              lurganare              killogilleen              cloghjordan              russellstown              lurganboy              ballycullen              ballyrogan              doonis              lislea              ardquin              kirkmahoe              ballyrobert              edmondstown              clanabogan              keenaghan              lisnamuck              quernhow              griffinstown              ballintoy              caherbarnagh              lisnacree              carrowreagh              muckanagh              farranboley              ballycairn              tartaraghan              bennochy              killyman              lisbane              magherareagh             

Examples of "derryboy"
Crossgar also has its own 9 hole Par 64 Golf Course, Crossgar Golf Club, located on the Derryboy Road.
The name Derry is very much in popular use throughout Ireland for the naming of places, and there are at least six towns bearing that name and at least a further 79 places. The word Derry often forms part of the place name, for example Derrybeg, Derryboy, Derrylea and Derrymore.
Darragh Island, Dead Mans Island, Deehommed, Demesne, Demesne of Down, Derry, Derryboy, Derrycraw, Derrydrummock, Derrydrummult, Derrylough, Derryneill, Derryoge, Dillin, Dodd's Island, Donaghcloney, Donaghaguy, Dooey, Dooghary, Dooglen, Dree, Drennan, Drin, Dromara, Dromore, Dromorebrague, Drumaconnell East, Drumadoney, Drumadonnell, Drumahoe, Drumaghadone, Drumaghlis, Drumaknockan, Drumalig, Drumanaghan or Drumulcaw, Drumanakelly, Drumanaquoile, Drumaness, Drumantine, Drumaran, Drumardan, Drumardan Quarter, Drumaroad, Drumatihugh, Drumawhy, Drumbane, Drumbeg, Drumbo, Drumbonniff, Drumbroneth, Drumcaw, Drumcro, Drumcro and Drumo, Drumdreenagh, Drumee, Drumena, Drumfad, Drumgath, Drumgavlin, Drumgiven, Drumgooland, Drumgreenagh, Drumhirk, Drumhorc, Drumindoney, Drumkeeragh, Drumlee, Drumlin, Drumlough, Hillsborough, Drumlough, Rathfriland, Drummanlane, Drummanmore, Drummiller (Aghaderg), Drummiller (Donaghmore), Drummiller (Dromore), Drummiller (Tullylish), Drummond Island, Drumnabreeze, Drumnaconagher, Drumnaferry, Drumnagally, Drumnahare, Drumnascamph, Drumnavaddy, Drumneth, Drumo and Drumcro, Drumra, Drumreagh, Drumreagh Upper, Drumsallagh, Drumsesk, Drumskee, Drumsnade, Drumulcaw or Drumanaghan, Duck Rock, Dunbeg Lower, Dundrine, Dundrinne, Dundrum, Duneight, Dunevly, Dunlady, Dunmore, Dunnaman, Dunnanelly, Dunnanew, Dunnaval, Dunnyneill Islands, Dunover, Dunsfort, Dunsy Island, Dunturk
Killucan civil parish comprises 77 townlands: Aghamore, Annaskinnan, Balleighter Lowtown, Ballinla, Balloughter Hightown, Ballyhaw, Balrowan (Pakenham), Balrowan (Rowely) & Kerinstown, Banagher, Brutonstown, Brutonstown Little, Castledown, Chanonstown, Cloghanstown, Clonbore, Cloncrave, Cloncullen, Clonfad, Clonreagh, Coolcahan, Corbally, Corbetstown, Correllstown, Craddanstown, Creggstown, Crossanstown, Curristown, Cushinstown, Derryboy, Derrymore, Edmondstown, Glebe, Grange Beg, Grange More, Greatdown, Greenan, Grehanstown, Griffinstown, Heathstown, Higginstown, Hightown Balloughter, Hodgestown, Huntingdon, County Westmeath, Hydepark, Joristown Lower, Joristown Upper, Kerinstown & Balrowan (Rowley), Killucan, Kinnegad, Knockaville, Knockmant, Knocksimon, Lisnabin, Lowtown Balleighter, Lunestown, Mill Land, Millerstown, County Westmeath, Monganstown, Mucklin, Mylestown, Newdown, Porterstown (Cooke), Porterstown (Napper), Priesttown, Raharney, Raharney Little, Rathbrack, Rathnarrow, Rathwire Lower, Rathwire Upper, Ratrass, Rattin, Riverdale, Riverstown, Sarsfieldstown, Simonstown, Sionhill, Thomastown, Wadestown, Wardenstown and Wooddown. Greenan and Mucklin townlands are in the barony of Delvin.