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des_autres              des_mots              il_était              mourir              le_cœur              un_jour              pour_vous              les_jours              du_bonheur              maintenant              des_années              ma_fille              rien_que              revient              si_étais              au_paradis              une_fois              homme_qui              amour_est              celui_qui              pour_ça              des_nuits              du_rêve              dans_eau              étais              envers              un_rêve              était              faut_pas              peut_être              scénario              enfin              rien_qu              au_secours              écrit              dans_la_nuit              vingt_ans              retrouvé              le_jour              lorsque              du_dimanche              une_vie              ainsi              du_plaisir              fais_moi              dès              un_été              éternel              et_puis              un_héros             

Examples of "des_jours"
His novel "L'Ordre des jours", published in 2008 by Héloïse d'Ormesson, received the Prix Erckmann-Chatrian the same year.
L′Écume des Jours or "Froth on the daydream" is a 1947 French novel by Boris Vian. It may also refer to:
Among his major works are the operas "L'écume des jours" after Boris Vian (1981), "Quatre Filles" after Pablo Picasso (1986) and ballet "Confession" after Alfred de Musset.
He came out with his first album "Dumas" en 2001, when he was 21. His second album, "Le cours des jours" made him more well-known. One song on the "Le cours des jours" album was sung by Marie-Annick Lépine, from the group Les Cowboys Fringants. In 2004, Carl Bastien and Dumas released the soundtrack to the film "Les Aimants" by Yves P. Pelletier.
In 2001, Zagdanski also started "Paroles des jours", an on-line Literature and Philosophy site whose self-declared purpose is to serve as a revue that is independent of any editorial, academic, or media interference and censorship ( There are no biographies or bibliographies of the authors whom it publishes, no links to on-line book stores, just texts, audio and video recordings of talks, lectures, conversations with contemporary writers (among whom are Gérard Guest, ||François Meyronnis]], François Fédier, Bernard Sichère, Éric Marty, Yannick Haenel), on various themes and authors including Nietzsche, Debord, Heidegger, Homer, Jewish Thought, The Hebrew Bible, The Talmud, Kabbalah, Islam, Film, and the Global Economy. There are as well rare archive audio and video recordings of writers, artists, and musicians. The complete contents of Paroles des jours is also archived and made available on a WordPress based site "Archives de Paroles des jours": "Paroles des jours" and the "Archive" are complemented by and maintained in tandem with a "Paroles des jours" Facebook page:
Dominique Sorrente has published some twenty books and anthologies, including a bilingual poetry collection, "A Crayon for the Rainbow" (Publibook, 2003). A new book was published in March 2007, called "Mandala des jours" (Publibook).
"Chloé Delaume" is her nom de plume: the name Chloé hails from the heroine of the novel "L'Écume des jours" by Boris Vian and her last name, Delaume, comes from Antonin Artaud's writings/play "L'Arve et l'Aume".
Colin et Chloé, suite from the opera "L'écume des jours" ("The Foam of Days") for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, chorus and orchestra (1981) 36' Text by Boris Vian (French)
In 2012, he released his album "Des jours meilleurs" (originally named "Le Cercle des incompris"). The track "4 étoiles" featuring Rohff has become a great success for him. "4 étoiles" refers to the four stars on the flag of Comoros. Rohff, like Sultan, is from the Comoros. The music video released on 22 June 2012 was filmed in Brazil. The single reached #45 in France. The album "Des jours meilleurs" released on 5 November 2012 has reached #15 in the French Albums Chart in its first week of release.
Although she had numerous film successes (Michel Gondry’s L’Ecume des jours, art films and comedies, i.e. Prête à tout, TV films such as Toussaint L’Ouverture, 2012), her popularity was not an obstacle to a return to the stage in Brooklyn Boy (2004), Les grandes personnes, adapted from the book by Marie N’diaye as well as in David Lindsay-Abaire’s Des gens biens.
Many of the idiosyncrasies of their music stem from Marie-Annick Lépine, a versatile musician, who makes the band line up distinct from the conventional guitar-bass-drums-singer. Her talents contribute to the vivacious sounds of instruments like the violin, mandolin and accordion. She has also worked on the Dumas album "Le cours des jours".
Vian's other fiction, published under his real name, featured a highly individual writing style with numerous made-up words, subtle wordplay and surrealistic plots. His novel "L'Écume des jours" (literally: ""The Foam of Days"") is the best known of these works and one of the few translated into English, under the title of "Froth on the Daydream".
After many roles in television movies, he played the role of Émile Bernard in Roger Planchon's film "Lautrec". His television career was followed by, among others, Le Bois du Pardoux (2000) with Annie Girardot and Thierry Chabert's "Des jours et des nuits" (2005).
Since 1976, little has been heard of Vian, though he gave an interview to "L'Express" in 2011, in which he talked at length about his father and his childhood. He lives in Apt, Vaucluse. In 2013, he again appeared in public for the opening of "L'Écume des jours", the 2013 movie based on his father's novel of the same name.
This combination led to severe health problems and left Vian with a heart condition that would ultimately lead to an early death. Vian gave an eyeblink to this heart condition in "L'Écume des Jours", his most popular novel, featuring Chloë, the main female character as dying from a waterlily growing in her lung.
Almost immediately after his death, "L'Écume des jours", and then "L'automne à Pékin", "L'Arrache-coeur", and "L'Herbe roug"e, began to get recognition in France. It was these novels that made Boris Vian into a legend for the youth of the 1960s and 1970s.
L'écume des jours (English: "The Foam of Days") is an opera in three acts (14 scenes) by the Russian composer Edison Denisov. The French (also German and Russian) text is by the composer based on the novel of the same title by Boris Vian. It was composed in 1981.
In Spring 2013, Stephane Zagdanski put on line, on the site "Paroles des jours", a pamphleteering film, what he calls a “pamphilm”, conceived and put together by himself, titled “Debord at the Commissariat, or the illuminating altercation”. It is a detailed critique of the exposition at the National Library of France devoted to Guy Debord, and was occasioned by a virulent altercation on the radio between the writer and the organizer of the exposition.
In 2014, Zagdanski started two other blogs, associated and linked with "Paroles des jours": "Conversations autour de la pensée juive" ("Conversations Around Jewish Thought" ): ; and "Sur l’antisémitisme de Martin Heidegger" ("On the Anti-Semitism of Martin Heidegger"): The latter “brings together studies in several languages (French, English, German) on Martin Heidegger’s anti-Semitism from the point of view of Thinking about Being.”
In 1965, he took part in the music comedy "Copains Clopant" that had a six-month run and made him very popular, particularly through his interpretation of "Chez Laurette". He was the opening act for Jacques Brel's goodbye concert at the Paris Olympia. In 1967, he collaborated with Johnny Stark. In 1968, he won the "Grand Prix du Disque" award for "Il y a des jours où on ferait mieux de rester au lit".