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specierum              observationibus              jussu              tabulis              aucta              aliorum              recentiorum              descripsit              complectens              emendata              vitiis              illustrati              accedunt              observata              dalmatiae              praesertim              sumptibus              monumentorum              regionum              progressu              differentiis              necnon              imperatorum              illustratae              typis              descriptiones              explicata              iconibus              architectorum              scriptis              auctoribus              adjectis              aliis              commentariis              apuliae              decreta              selectae              impensis              variarum              illustravit              earum              episcopis              hucusque              quibusdam              latitudinis              praecipue              criticae              observationes              slavoniae              virtutibus             

Examples of "descriptionibus"
He wrote and illustrated "Commentatio de Lemna". Altdorfii et Norimbergae (1801), "Icones Cimicum descriptionibus illustratae". Erlangen 1800-1811 and some short papers.
He was the author of numerous papers in the field of botany. Among his better known publications was "Species graminum, iconibus et descriptionibus illustr." (Vol. I, 1828; Vol. II, 1829; Vol. III, 1836). After his death, a collection of Trinius' poetry was published as "Gedichte" ("Poems", Berlin 1848).
"Astrantia carniolica" was originally described and published by Franz Xavier von Wulfen in 1778, in Volume 31 of 'Florae Austriacae, sive plantarum selectarum in Austriae archiducatu sponte crescentium, icones, ad vivum coloratae, et descriptionibus, ac synononymis illustratae.' (commonly known as Fl. Austriac. (Jacquin)).
He wrote "Illustratio iconographica insectorum quae in musaeis parisinis observavit et in lucem edidit Joh. Christ. Fabricius, praemissis ejusdem descriptionibus; accedunt species plurimae, vel minus aut nondum cognitae", Paris: P. Didot, 1799-1804 an illustrated work on insect specimens in the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle in Paris. The insects appear as inside an insect box.
He was an eminent coleopterist co-operating with Carl Henrik Boheman and Leonard Gyllenhaal. Schönherr wrote "Genera et species curculionidum, cum synonymia hujus familiae,specie novae aut hactenus minus cognitae, descriptionibus a dom. Leonardo Gyllenhal, C. H. Boheman; et entomologis aliis illustratae." Paris, Roret. (1833-1845) in which many new species were described.
This was the first full account of the plants growing in Sweden and one of the first examples of the Flora in the modern idiom. The full title of the publication was "Flora Svecica: Enumerans Plantas Sueciae Indigenas Cum Synopsi Classium Ordinumque, Characteribus Generum, Differentiis Specierum, Synonymis Citationibusque Selectis - Locis Regionibusque Natalibus - Descriptionibus Habitualibus Nomina Incolarum Et Qualitat".
Later he became a chemistry and natural history teacher at the military school in Schloss Karlberg, where he received in 1805 the title of professor. Quensel wrote the largest part of the text of the first four volumes of the book " Svensk Botanik" (Swedish Botany) (1802–1843) with copper plates by Johan Wilhelm Palmstruch. He wrote also the text of the first volume of " Svensk Zoologi" in English SwedishZoology (1806–1809)and parts of Carl Johan Schönherr's "Genera et species curculionidum, cum synonymia hujus familiae,specie novae aut hactenus minus cognitae, descriptionibus a dom. Leonardo Gyllenhal, C. H. Boheman; et entomologis aliis illustratae"
Smith and Sowerby's partnering was not their only one, other early publication of Smith's descriptions with Sowerby plates, included "Icones pictae plantarum rariorum descriptionibus et observationibus illustratae" during 1790-93 and A Specimen of the Botany of New Holland, a survey of exotic species found in the new colonies of Australia. However, the first four volumes of "English Botany" came to be misattributed due to a request by Smith to remain anonymous on the title. Sowerby's name as the publisher, with a credit to himself as illustrator, allowed those enamoured by the novelety of his illustrations to perpetuate this misnomer. The title is still given in book sales as "Sowerby's".