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traditionen              jiddische              horen              deutungen              postmoderne              geografie              vaarwel              nachdichtungen              tirols              traktat              texten              zmiany              koronnego              waarin              bibliografie              eenvoudig              religie              worauf              tibetische              meist              retrospektive              klosterfelde              vznik              ausbeutung              elementen              gemeinsam              rezensionen              maghet              ontmoeting              schene              weten              mowy              historycznego              rothkirch              wiedergeburt              lewende              etymologie              bestehen              franzosen              hetmana              yidisher              eseuri              treppen              topographisch              turkestans              cuvinte              feier              dagboek              denen              onser             

Examples of "desen"
Yang Sende (or Desen) and Yang Maicun were two members of the sect who were arrested in Linzhou, Henan, in the 1980s. According to official reports, Sende was a brigade leader and Communist Party member since 1946. The Yangs spread the teachings of the Huazhaidao sect by claiming their efficacy in healing the sick. In Linzhou they persuaded dozens of Communist Party members and local civil servants to join the Huazhaidao.
It was to the Festiniog Railway in north Wales, the first and the narrowest of narrow gauge railways, on 11 February 1870, in the middle of winter, that Fairlie invited locomotive engineers, and their principals, from all over the world, and from all over the world they came, as reported by the north Wales newspapers: The Duke of Sutherland; Mr W. T. Mulvany, from Prussia; M. Tolme, engineer; M. Phillippe Kremer from Paris, engaged on the Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod Railway; Mr Christer P. Sandberg, Swedish Consulate, London; Count Czheni, Russia; Count Alexander Berg, son of the generalissimo of the Russian army, and Viceroy of Poland; Count Bobrinski, Russia; Count Tamoyski, Hungary; Basiley Saloff, Professor of the Imperial Institute of Engineers, St. Petersburg; Charles de Schouberszki, director of the Kursk and Kharkov Railway in Russia; Count Ivan Tlabroburr, Moscow; Count von Desen, St. Petersburg; L. de Kislankske, of the Imperial Institute, St. Petersburg; Mr Preston, solicitor to the London and North Western Railway Company; Capt. Tyler, Government Inspecting Officer for Railways; Mr Preston, engaged on the railway from Tiflis to the Caucasus, in Turkey and Russia; Gen. Sir William Baker, K.C.B.; Mr Power, M.P ., connected with the Mexico and Vera Cruz Railways; Mr Pille [i.e. Carl Abraham Pihl], Sweden; Mr Ayrton, Mr Elias, general manager, Cambrian Railways; Mr Poole, local traffic manager ditto; Mr Charles E. Spooner, engineer, Festiniog Railway Company; Mr Crawley, C.E., London; Mr Danas, Indian Railways; Mr C. Thornton, ditto; Mr Livingston Thompson, Chairman and managing director, Festiniog Railway Company; Mr Dallas, "The Times" newspaper, and Mr Thomas Cargill, engineer & reporter of the "Engineering Gazette" – and many others! Further parties of engineers and managers came to Porthmadog on four later occasions in 1870 to observe the locomotive at work.