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197. *Panigrahi, G. (1984a) Nomenclatural notes on Pogostemon Desf. (Lamiaceae). Taxon, 33(1): 102.
The standard author abbreviation Desf. is used to indicate this individual as the author when citing a botanical name.
Erysimum nervosum (syn: "Erysimum grandiflorum" Desf. var. "nervosum" (Pomel) Batt.) is a short-lived, polycarpic perennial herb.
200. Panigrahi, G. (1984d) Nomenclature and distribution of seventeen taxa of Pogostemon Desf. (Lamiaceae) in the Indian region. Journ. Orissa Bot. Soc., 6: 50-56.
It is closely related to "Gleditsia japonica" (syn. "G. horrida") from eastern Asia, and is treated as a subspecies of it by some botanists, "Gleditsia horrida" subsp. "caspica" (Desf.) J.Paclt.
Nastus fausti is a weevil that has been investigated as a potential biocontrol agent for giant hogweeds ("Heracleum mantegazzianum" Sommier et Levier, "Heracleum sosnowskyi" Manden, and "Heracleum persicum" Desf. ex Fischer.) in Europe.
In 1829, all species growing in Europe were reclassified under an all-encompassing name of "D. variabilis, Desf.", though this is not an accepted name. Through the interspecies cross of the Humboldt seeds and the Cavanilles species, 22 new species were reported by that year, all of which had been classified in different ways by several different taxonomists, creating considerable confusion as to which species was which.
The herbarium of the museum, referred to by code P, includes a large number of important collections amongst its 8 000 000 plant specimens. The historical collections incorporated into the herbarium, each with its P prefix, include those of Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck (P-LA) René Louiche Desfontaines (P-Desf.), Joseph Pitton de Tournefort and Charles Plumier (P-TRF). The designation at CITES is FR 75A. It publishes the botanical periodical "Adansonia" and journals on the flora of New Caledonia, Madagascar and Comoro Islands, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, Cameroon, and Gabon.
(vi) Amendments to the entries in ICBN, Appendix III A, XIV. (1988, 1994). Through his Proposals, 33 in number published in Taxon between 1975 and 1987, Dr Panigrahi has highlighted many inaccuracies in nomenclature of several taxa dealt earlier by scientists from 'developed countries', and on the basis of his Proposals approved by the Committee for Spermatophyta/General Committee, IAPT, against the entries Desmodium Desf., nom. cons. Grona Lour. (1790) has been added as nom. rej. (vide item 3807); Plaso Adans. (1763) is treated as a homotypic synonym of Butea Roxb. ex Willd. (1802), nom. cons (item no. 3876); type species of Entada Adans. nom. cons. changed and Gigalobium P. Browne, nom. rej., lectotypified (item 3468); to maintain the current use of Lipocarpha R. Brown, nom. cons., Hypaelyptum Vahl is lectotypified by H. filiformis Vahl (item no. 452); type species of Oberonia Lindley, nom. cons. is changed (item 1558), as also of Calanthe R.Br., nom. cons. (item no. 1631); and Hiptage Gaertn., nom. illeg. is conserved and added to ICBN (vide no. 4208).