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hristina              sofiya              topalova              ilieva              vasileva              miglena              filipova              antoaneta              artamonova              plamena              todorova              nikolina              tsvetelina              natalija              rumyana              radostina              mladenova              tomova              anelia              nevena              stanislava              kirilova              titova              dessislava              aleksandrova              yordanova              viktorovna              kirillova              dijana              guskova              nastassia              dimova              mihaela              elizabeta              ignatova              maneva              vladislava              reneta              koleva              alyona              yakovleva              iuliana              zharkova              borislava              zlatka              nicoleta              alevtina              krassimira              rangelova              maevska             

Examples of "desislava"
Desislava Cove on Nordenskjöld Coast in Graham Land, Antarctica is named after Desislava.
Desislava Cove is located at . British mapping in 1978.
Desislava Cove (, ‘Zaliv Desislava’ \'za-liv de-si-'sla-va\) is the 3.3 km wide cove indenting for 3 km Nordenskjöld Coast in Graham Land west of Cape Worsley. It was formed as a result of the retreat of Aleksiev Glacier and Kladorub Glacier in the early 21st century. The feature is named after the Bulgarian sebastokratorissa Desislava (13th century).
2009 - Single Agapi Mou / Loving you, (DesiSlava ft. Kostas Martakis) - dance-pop duet, created by "Symphonics" and produced by Desislava. In Greece, the song is officially released in the album of Kostas "Pio konta", published by Universal Music Greece.
2013 – Desislava went to Tirana, Albania to meet Alfred Sula – the best Albanian composer. She bought a song from him - “Play it again” /“Пусни го пак”/. Desislava is proud with the song because it becomes the summer pop folk hit.
2011 - Single "Калино моме" (Boy George, Marc Vedo ft. DesiSlava) - progressive house style with ethno vocals. The music is by Boy George, lyrics and vocals by Desislava and arrangement - by the world-famous DJ Marc Vedo.
- 2011 - Desislava took part in the Bulgarian sound of 3D "Rio" for 20th Century Fox.
Tsvetanov is married to Desislava and has three daughters - Gergana, Vasilena and Sophia.
Desislava was born in Razgrad on July 3, 1985. She has elder sister Borislava.
Desislava and Petya participated in the concert. Kalin sang with his friend Nina Nikolina.
June 2011 Desislava sold her TV channel DSTV to continue her development as a singer.
Desislava () is a Slavic feminine given name of Bulgarian origin that may refer to:
Towards the end of 2014 he releases a song with the Bulgarian singer DesiSlava (DESS) called Cotton Candy.
Desislava of Bulgaria () was daughter of Tsar Ivan Alexander of Bulgaria and his second wife Theodora, a converted Jewish woman.
Also Sigur (Martin Czehmesther), the boyfriend Desislava (Emilia Uutinen) to be mad at all women in the building.
Desislava Topalova (also transliterated as Dessislava Topalova) (, born 8 June 1978) is a retired professional tennis player from Bulgaria.
Desislava is one of the most popular medieval Bulgarian women and she became a muse of many writers, poets and artists later. Desislava is considered as the epitome of Bulgarian women in literature and art, portrayed as a beautiful, free and independent. According to the historian Georgi Konstantinov she is evidence for the special place of women in the Bulgarian Middle Ages.
2012 - "Love is alive" – the song with which Desislava appeared on the Bulgarian Eurovision. On the semifinal Dess was selected as number 1 by a jury and audience. At the final, she remained second. The music of "Love is alive" was made by Desislava and her colleagues from "SYMPHONICS" Borislav Milanov and Sebastian Arman, and the text is again by Borislav Milanov.
- 2007 - Desislava is the first Bulgarian singer gave a concert at London's prestigious Jazz Club Soho Revue. The show is titled "Cabaret Desislava" and on the stage with her were Vanco Manojlovic (played with Pink Floyd and The Who) and Matt Cooper of "Инкогнито"
- 2007/2009 - Desislava was thecommercial face of the world's largest internet bookmaker Sportingbet. When she signed a contract with "Sportingbet" in 2007, the company's website was blocked for a short time. The reason was a poker game with Desislava, which caused unprecedented interest.