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Examples of "desnoyers"
Desnoyers was born on July 29, 1813, in Detroit, Michigan, the son of Peter J. Desnoyers and his wife Marie.
Fernand Desnoyers, full name Félix-Emile-Arthur Desnoyers, (10 September 1826 – 5 November 1869 ) was an 19th-century French writer and literary critic.
The poet Fernand Desnoyers (1826-1869) was his brother
In August 2006, Daniel Desnoyers returned to work for Radio Énergie (now Radio NRJ) on the radio shows Le Party 5 @ 8 and Pure Dan Desnoyers. In these shows, Dan Desnoyers played the hottest new tracks and special requests from the listeners. Two new series of compilations, "In Da House" and "Club Sound", were released. Dan left the radio in August 2010.
Frank B. Desnoyers was Mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Defenceman Marc-Antoine Desnoyers (UNB Varsity Reds)
Peter Desnoyers was born on April 21, 1800 in Detroit, Michigan, the first child of Peter J. Desnoyers and his wife Marie Louise. The younger Peter Desnoyers lived in Detroit during his childhood, and began a cereer as a merchant in 1821.
Jules Pierre François Stanislaus Desnoyers (8 October 18001 September 1887) was a French geologist and archaeologist.
Desnoyers continued as an armorer until 1803, when he went into business as a silversmith. However, the great Detroit fire of 1805 destroyed his store and stock. After the fire, Desnoyers rebuilt, this time constructing a building that housed both a general store and silversmithing works. He ran both businesses until 1822, when he turned his attention wholly to the general mercantile business. Desnoyers retired from his business in 1835 and remained in Detroit.
In 1837, he married Elizabeth Desnoyers; the couple had eleven children.
Peter J. Desnoyers was born in Paris, France on August 1, 1772, the son of Charles Roquiley Desnoyers and his wife Charlotte (Mallet) Desnoyers. He worked as a silversmith for his father until he wsas 18 years old. At that time, his father purchased for him some land from the Sciota Land Company, an American firm who was advertising in Paris for artists and artisans to emigrate. The younger Desnoyers set sail to America with other French citizens, arriving in 1790 in Gallipolis, Ohio, where their lands were supposed to be located. It turned out, however, that the land deal was a swindle, and their deeds were worthless.
Francis Xavier Desnoyers (July 29, 1813 – August 13, 1868) was mayor of Green Bay, Wisconsin.
NOTE: Frank B. Desnoyers was also son-in-law of Wisconsin State Senator M. P. Lindsley.
2008 : Les métiers de l’industrie de la musique, vol.1 – Daniel Desnoyers ("Muzikbiz Workshops")
Adam Desnoyers is an American author and winner of the 2003 O. Henry Prize for his short story, "Bleed Blue in Indonesia." Desnoyers is currently living in Lawrence, KS, where he is finishing his much-anticipated debut novel. He was listed as #1 on Writing Sense's Top 107 Contemporary Short Fiction Writers. Desnoyers currently teaches creative writing at The University of Kansas at Lawrence. His story, "The Mystics," was published in "The Black Warrior Review".
Desnoyers was mayor of Green Bay in 1855. He also served as an alderman. He was a Republican.
D-Noy Muzik is a label founded by Daniel Desnoyers in June 1999 within the Donald K. Donald Group. In 2003, DKD D-Noy Muzik became D-Noy Muzik, for which Dan Desnoyers is the sole owner. D-Noy releases all of his music on this label.
Lindsley was born Myron Plato Lindsley on September 18, 1825 in Middlesex, New York. His daughter, Leila, would marry Green Bay Mayor Frank B. Desnoyers, who was also son of another Mayor of Green Bay, Francis X. Desnoyers. Lindsley died in 1883.
Producer, director, sound engineer, mixer, remixer and CD conceptor, Daniel Desnoyers eventually started in June 1999 his own music label, DKD D-Noy Muzik, within the Donald K. Donald Group. In 2003, DKD D-Noy Muzik became D-Noy Muzik and since that time Dan Desnoyers is the sole owner.
While young Julio Desnoyers serves as a soldier, the aging Marcelo Desnoyers leaves the shelter and returns to his mansion, where he watches the German soldiers advance and eventually plunder his belongings and eat his food. At last the French soldiers push back the German soldiers, and Marcelo chooses to defend a German man who had earlier spared Marcelo's life.