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vandi              olympiou              eleni              dimitra              theodoridou              ioanna              giannatsoulia              voskopoulos              tsaligopoulou              papamichail              tamta              protopsalti              irini              eirini              eleftheria              mihalis              mazonakis              vissi              alkistis              natassa              marinella              antigoni              evangelia              vogasari              karaindrou              aslanidou              evridiki              hatzigiannis              stamatis              athina              tolis              alexiou              parios              kokkinou              lefteris              sakis              arvanitaki              galani              rakintzis              katerina              mimis              vossou              giota              papadopoulou              martakis              pashalis              natasa              zapounidou              korkolis              kazantzidis             

Examples of "despina"
Despina rhodosema is a moth in the Oecophoridae family and only species in the Despina genus. It was described by Meyrick in 1931. It is found in Chile.
MAD Secret Concerts: Despina Vandi Live is the fourth video album by Greek singer Despina Vandi, released in 2006 by Heaven Music in Greece and Cyprus.
The Very Best of Despina Vandi is a compilation album by Greek singer Despina Vandi, released in 2005 by record label EMI in Turkey.
Despina Montagas is a retired Greek female professional wrestler.
Despina Vandi has won one award from one nomination.
Despina Vandi has won one award from one nomination.
"The purple kiss" of poet Despina Kontaxis (2011).
Mileva Olivera Lazarević, Despina Hatun (; 1372 – after 1444) was the youngest daughter of Lazar of Serbia and Princess Milica and the wife of Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I, whom she married just after the Battle of Kosovo in 1389, as a pledge of peace between the Lazarević and Ottoman dynasties. After the marriage, she became Despina Hatun (Turkish for "Lady Despina").
Greek Hits: Giorgos Mazonakis vs. Despina Vandi is the fifth video album by Greek singer Despina Vandi and her only video album in Ukraine, released in 2008 by Odyssey Company in Ukraine. It features videos of Despina Vandi and Giorgos Mazonakis, from the period 2003-2007.
Despina Marina gave birth to a son, called Ivan Dragushin.
Despina Vandi has won one award from one nomination.
Despina Vandi has won one award from one nomination.
"Loneliness of Klinovatis" of poet Despina Kontaxis (2010)
In 2005, Faithless released a remix of the song "Ipofero" as a b-side in the LP "The Remixes Vol. 1". The remix was entitled "Μawahh" and by typing mistake in the cover, Despina Vandi's name written Despina Jandi (Faithless Vs. Despina Jandi).
Esena Perimeno (Greek: "Εσένα Περιμένω"; English: "I'm waiting for you") is the second studio album by Greek singer Despina Vandi. It was released in Greece in 1996 by Minos EMI and according to Despina Vandi it sold 18,000 copies.
Despina Papamichail (; born 9 February 1993) is a Greek professional tennis player.
Despina Montagas debuted in 1984 for the American Wrestling Association in Minneapolis
In 1817, he married Despina Maniatis, from a historical family of Psara. They had seven children:
Around this time, Karras also worked with many young Greek talents in efforts to help their career. In particular, after spotting Despina Malea (now known as Despina Vandi), he offered her the chance to sing at his night club for the whole summer season, thus kick-starting her career. Vasilis and Despina would have the chance to work together later on in 2005 in a few duets from the music of common friend Phoebus.
"Destiny" is a song by Schiller, with vocals by Despina Vandi. It is included on Schiller's gold album "Sehnsucht". On February 22, 2008, "Sehnsucht" by German band Schiller was released in Germany by Sleepingroom, including many collaborations with international stars such as Despina Vandi with the song "Destiny" amongst them. It is the first international collaboration between Despina Vandi and German band Schiller. The song is written and produced by both Phoebus and Schiller.