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Examples of "destronger"
The Predacons are usually depicted as antagonists in the fictional universes of the "Transformers" storyline and related comics and cartoons. Usually, they have a relation to the Decepticons, the more prominent antagonists of the series, be they a subgroup, their successors, or even their creators. They are the enemies of the Maximals and even sometimes their predecessors, the Autobots, depending on the continuity. The villains take many forms, and have many different origins and stories across the numerous different Transformers media, but in almost all incarnations, they are led by a character who is either Megatron (the original or an entirely separate character who took his name), or Predaking, an ancient Predacon leader. They are typically represented by the facial insignia they all wear. In the Japanese version of the franchise, the Predacons are called Destrons or Animatrons ( "Desutoron"). The one exception to this naming convention is "Car Robots", where the overall name of the "Robots in Disguise" villain faction is Destronger.
In the Japanese version of the franchise, the Decepticons are called Destron or Deathtron ( "Desutoron"). The one exception to this naming convention is "Car Robots", where the sub-group referred to as "Decepticons" in the "" adaptation, is known in Japan as the Combatrons (the Japanese name of the G1 subgroup known as the Combaticons). The overall name of the "Robots in Disguise" villain faction is Destronger. However, the Japanese Version of Transformers Animated uses Decepticon (ディセプティコン). As opposed to the Autobots' Supreme Commander or Prime, the Decepticons' highest ranking leader is often given the title Emperor of Destruction. Beginning with Animated, the Decepticon rallying cry has been "Transform and rise up!" in parody of the Autobots' "Transform and roll out!"