Synonyms for deszelfs or Related words with deszelfs

zeventiende              geschiedenissen              achttiende              betreffende              werelt              nederlantsche              kroniek              ontstaan              verzameling              geschied              kunstnijverheid              ondergang              betrekkelijk              evolutie              oudste              konstschilders              waereld              godts              bijbel              tekeningen              handboek              beschrijving              latynsche              creatieve              middeleeuwen              ontwikkeling              literatuur              wijsbegeerte              zestiende              twintigste              beoefening              beleid              kastelen              teksten              beschryvingen              geleerde              aanteekeningen              berigten              zingende              boekzaal              structuur              middeleeuwse              gevolgen              werkelijkheid              verwachting              toonkunst              spiritualiteit              haarlemmerliede              vanuit              faculteit             

Examples of "deszelfs"
Kruseman continued to live in Amsterdam until he travelled to Switzerland and Italy in 1821. Eventually he ended up in Paris where he met Jacques-Louis David, Horace Vernet, Antoine-Jean Gros, Jean-Baptiste Isabey and Ary Scheffer. In 1825, after his return to the Netherlands, he settled in The Hague. In 1826 he published a travel account of his journey to Italy, entitled "Aanteekingen van C. Kruseman, betrekkelijk deszelfs kunstreis en verblijf in Italië".
Junghuhn settled on Java, where he made an extensive study of the land and its people. He discovered the Kawah Putih crater lake south of Bandung in 1837. He published extensively on his many often highly adventurous expeditions and his scientific analyses. Among his works is an important description and natural history in many volumes of the volcanoes of Java, "Bijdragen tot de geschiedenis der vulkanen in den Indischen Archipel" (1843). He completed "Die Topographischen und Naturwissenschaftlichen Reisen durch Java" ("Topographic and Scientific Journeys in Java") in 1845 and a first anthropological and topographical study of Sumatra, "Die Bättalander auf Sumatra" (Batak lands of Sumatra). in 1847. In 1849, ill health forced his return to the Netherlands, where he married Johanna Louisa Frederika Koch on January 23, 1850, and had a son. While in the Netherlands, Junghuhn began work on a four volume treatise published in Dutch and translated into German between 1850 and 1854: "Java, deszelfs gedaante, bekleeding en inwendige struktuur" (in German: "Java, seine Gestalt, Pflanzendecke, und sein innerer Bau"). Junghuhn was an avid humanist and socialist. In the Netherlands he published anonymously his free-thinking manifesto "Licht- en Schaduwbeelden uit de Binnenlanden van Java" (Images of Light and Shadow from Java's interior) between 1853 and 1855. The work was controversial, advocating socialism in the colonies and fiercely criticizing Christian and Islamic proselytization of the Javanese people. Junghuhn instead wrote of his preference for a form of Pandeism (pantheistic deism), contending that God was in everything, but could only be determined through reason. The work was banned in Austria and parts of Germany for its "denigrations and vilifications of Christianity", but was a strong seller in the Netherlands where it was first published pseudonymously. It was also popular in colonial Indonesia, despite opposition from the Dutch Christian Church there. The publisher of the first volume, Jacobus Hazenberg, refused to continue his association with the work; the remaining four were published by the outspoken liberal, Frans Günst, from volume three as installments (from October 1, 1855) of the newly founded journal for freethinkers, "De Dageraad" (Dawn).