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pyung              ryeol              haeng              heelee              hwakim              hyong              kyong              kyoung              yeop              jungkim              pyong              jiwon              hyeok              myeong              ryong              sookim              heon              seol              gyung              ryeon              jinlee              heepark              gyeong              gwang              myong              seop              mankim              eung              eunkim              hyeong              huikim              hyang              jinpark              yook              chulpark              kwang              yeong              beom              keum              ryul              maeng              hyek              kyoo              seong              okkim              keun              beomgyun              jihyun              nyeo              nyung             

Examples of "deuk"
In Cantonese, "deuk" means chiselling, breaking things into pieces. When street hawkers sold the candy, it was necessary for them to break apart its original shape with a pair flat chisels, namely "deuk". Chiselling makes noise and attracts children to buy. "Deuk Deuk Tong" was thus named ("Tong" means "candy" or "sugar" in Cantonese). Today, in order to cater to young people's tastes, different flavours of "Deuk Deuk Tong" are also made, including coconut, chocolate, mango, banana, and strawberry flavours.
The current president is Grandmaster OH Hyun Deuk, which was elected on 3rd of june, 2016.
Ga Deuk-hee (born March 31, 1984) is a South Korean actress.
Go Deuk-jong (?-?) was a scholar-official of the Joseon Dynasty Korea in the 14th century.
The K-League Best Goalkeeper award was won by Cho Byung-Deuk (POSCO Atoms)
The K-League Best Goalkeeper award was won by Cho Byung-Deuk Hallelujah FC)
His surname is Ukrainian. He is the grandson of the late Korean poet Pi Chun-deuk.
The scholars Pak Je-ga, Yu Deuk-gong and Yi Deok-mu were influenced by Park Ji-won.
Kang Deuk-Soo (Korean: 강득수) (born on January 1, 1961) is a South Korean football player and manager.
Pi Cheon-deuk (hangul: 피천득, hanja: 皮千得, "nom de plume": Geuma; April 21, 1910 - May 25, 2007)
Kim Deuk-sin (1754–1822) was the son of a royal court painter, Kim Eungri, and followed in his father's footsteps. He entered royal service as a member of the Dohwaseo, the official painters of the Joseon court. Kim Deuk-sin is known for his pungsokhwa along with Danwon.
Ji Kyeong-Deuk (; born 18 July 1990) is a South Korean footballer who plays as a Midfielder for Chungju Hummel in the K League Challenge.
Also in 2002, Lee finished 2nd in Three-cushion event of the Asian Games where he was bested by Deuk-Hee Hwang, another Korean cue artist.
Choi Buk was acquainted with Kim Hong-do, Kim Deuk-sin, Yi In-mun, but his works are dissimilar to theirs.
An Byeong-Seok, Bang Won-Sun, Chang Ri-Jin, Jo Deuk-Jun, Gang Bong-Hyeon, Kim Jeong-Sin, Lee Jun-Yeong, Lee Sang-Hun, O Su-Cheol
Jeon Tae Hong, the next mayor, made some important contributions to Mokpo's government, but he died suddenly in 2005. Following his death, Jeong Jong Deuk was elected mayor, promising protection of the tourism industry. Once in office, Deuk responded to concerns about the depressed condition of the old downtown area by establishing the Office of Original City Replanning and adopted the slogan "City of Light."
According to palace records, Lady Hyegyeong, the King's mother, was so pleased to be presented with a screen of such magnificent scale and stunning precision that she rewarded each of the seven artists who participated in its production. The artists were Choe Deuk-hyeon, Kim Deuk-sin, Yi Myeong-gyu, Jang Han-jong (1768 - 1815), Yun Seok-keun, Heo Sik (1762 - ?) and Yi In-mun.
Deuk Deuk Tong or commonly referred to as Ding Ding Tong is a type of traditional candy in Hong Kong. It is a hard maltose candy with sesame and ginger flavours. The sweet is made by first melting maltose, then adding to it various ingredients and continuously stirring the mixture. Before the mixture solidifies, it is put on a metal stick and pulled into a line shape, then coiled into the shape of a plate.
The players were seeded based on their final ranking at the same event at the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok. Hwang Deuk-hee of Korea won the gold after beating his compatriot Lee Sang-chun in the final.
Cho Byung-Deuk (, born May 26, 1958) is a South Korean former football player and goalkeeper coach who currently coaching for K-League side Suwon Samsung Bluewings since 2004 season.