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derasar              rajamaha              devalaya              sastha              vinayakar              anjaneyar              kshethram              thirukovil              kataragama              parshwanath              pattini              bhagvan              sthan              parameswari              devala              kaliamman              dewala              kshetram              mookambika              rajarajeshwari              viharaya              natha              jinalaya              siddh              nathar              pillaiyar              bhagawati              sannidhi              mangaladevi              devasthana              griha              shastha              champapur              basaveshwara              vadiraja              kshethra              mahalasa              andavar              kaavu              devasthan              arulmigu              dharmasastha              sannadhi              mantapam              budhi              atishaya              teerth              bhairavnath              angala              oorpazhachi             

Examples of "devale"
The third is from the Vishnu Devale (Vishnu being a Hindu god), also known as the Maha Devale. It is situated in front of the main gate of the Natha Devale.
In the annual procession, the Natha Devale procession takes the pride of place among the Devale processions and follows just behind the Dalada Perahara.
Murgud is also famous for the game of Volleyball. Many players like Ashok Devale, Anil Devale, MB Sutar, Sambhaji Mangale represented for Maharashtra state and there are two famous courts viz. Murgud Vidyalaya and Shivraj Vidyalaya.
Devale has two schools, the Central School Devale, which has primary education facility up to 4th Standard and the other school is a secondary school for education from 5th Standard to 10th Standard.
Devale is a small village located in Poladpur Tehsil, in Raigad district, Maharashtra, India.
Devale is a village in India. It is situated in Mawal taluka of Pune District in the state of Maharashtra.
The village is formed by four small vadis: Fase vadi, Jambhul vadi, Chikhal vadi and Palikadache devale.
In 1948, was elected Basnayake Nilame of Saman Devale, Alawatugoda; later became the Basnayake Nilame of the Natha Devale in Kandy in 1958. He was elected the 16th Diyawadana Nilame, the lay custodian of the Sacred Tooth Relic in 1964 and held the it till 1975, when he was succeeded by Nissanka Wijeyeratne.
The Gadaladeniya Temple's design is of South Indian origin with a Devale attached to it, similar in character to the Natha Devale and the Gedige of Adahana Maluwa. The main shrine room has a seated Buddha statue and the remains of some paintings of the Gampola period.
Vishnu Devale of Kandy, a shrine which is located to the north of the Natha Devale, is in the inner complex of the palace. That shrine is dedicated to God Vishnu, one of the Hindu Triad, is considered a sober divinity who was committed to the protection of Buddhism from the beginning.
Except Chikhal vadi, all other vadis are on top of three different hillocks and together form village of Devale.
The main profession of the people from Devale is farming. There are three main seasons; winter (November to February), summer (March to June) and Monsoon (rainy) season (June or July until September). Devale gets very heavy rains every year, up to 300 cm in a day in peak July time.
The fifth and final procession is from the Pattini Devale (Pattini being a goddess associated with the cure of infectious diseases and called upon in times of drought and famine), which is situated to the West of the Natha Devale. This is the only procession that has women dances.
For the next five nights, the ""Devale Peraheras"" take place within the premises of the four Devales with the priest of each Devale taking the pole every evening, accompanied by music and drumming, flag and canopy bearers, spearman and the "Ran Ayudha", the sacred insignia of the Gods.
Adjacent to the main shrine room, on its north-side, is a devale dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. The devale was originally dedicated to Varuna when it was built however as Vishnu became more popular with devotees the shrine to Varuna was replaced with Vishnu.
There were three wahalkadas (gateways) and a high wall used as main entrances. The section of the palace facing the Natha Devale is said to be the oldest.
Willie Devale Kemp (born January 1, 1987) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Sigal Prishtina of the Kosovo Basketball Superleague.
The secondary school is Naraveer Tanaji Malusare Vidyalay Devale (N.T.M.V.D). It is located on the bank of river Savitri. It has a well trained teaching staff and a good infrastructure with computer training and Library facility.
The Pattini cult in Sri Lankan history is associated with the Karavas brought back on king Gajabahu I’s Indian invasion, and as expected an old Pattini Devale is still there in the village known as Kondadeniya (Gazetteer II 528).
The waterfall has been used for bathing by ancient rulers of the country when they visited the nearby Maha Saman Devale in Ratnapura. It is also believed that the deity Saman has appeared here.