Synonyms for devolves or Related words with devolves

goads              coerces              devolve              goading              devolving              shoehorned              intimidates              shapeshifts              goaded              lulled              bluffed              delved              cajoles              guilts              delves              woges              deceives              cajole              snowballed              guilted              cajoled              coaxed              blundered              parlayed              shapeshifted              segued              insinuates              coaxes              segueing              transmogrified              snuck              delve              metamorphosized              entereth              dragooned              brainwashes              transmutes              tricking              crept              inveigles              segues              metamorphosised              blackmails              reintegrate              inveigled              sneaked              escalates              reintegrated              forayed              interjects             

Examples of "devolves"
In such a case, the problem devolves to "N" ordinary differential equations.
of Los Angeles,” devolves into a nightmare of terror. It depicts angry citizens
Jennifer Stowe contends that Nancy's portrayal devolves significantly over the years:
The persons upon whom the testator’s inheritance devolves are the called the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries may be divided into two categories:
With regard to marriages in separation of property, the entire estate devolves according to the rules of intestate succession.
What begins with a surreal monologue by a twisted clown named Red Bastard quickly devolves into full blown audience participation.
If there is no will, or if the will is invalid, the estate devolves in terms of the law of intestate succession.
The succession devolves only upon legally legitimate descendants, born in Catholic marriages. Further, children issuing from marriages expressly forbidden by the king are considered illegitimate.
Where the jus accrescendi operates the co-beneficiaries to whom the vacant portion accrues take the same shares thereof as they do of their own portion. Where it does not operate the share vacated by a co-heir devolves upon the intestate heirs of the testator, while the share vacated by a co-legatee falls into the residue of the estate and devolves upon the heirs, testate or intestate, of the testator.
When one or both of the chords in a polychord are not "chords" in some exclusive sense according to some preferred chord theory or other, polychords devolves into chordioid technique.
Magrane is a surname. It is a variant of MacGrane or McGrane, which derives from MagRaighne, which devolves to "Mag" (son of) and "Rayne", a hypocorism of Raghnall or Reginald.
With regard to marriages in community of property or in community of profit and loss, the surviving spouse automatically succeeds to half of the joint estate ("communio bonorum"); the remaining half devolves according to the rules of intestate succession.
It is unclear how helpful the second distinction is. A universal successor is bound by all his predecessors' obligations, but there are no universal successors nowadays other than black South Africans on whom an estate devolves under customary law.
The film generally received unfavorable reviews. Rotten Tomatoes' collection of critics gave the film a 25% approval rating, with the stated consensus that "what starts as a promising exercise devolves into an overlong, unevenly directed disappointment."
In a later variation, the capital devolves upon the last survivor, thus dissolving the trust and usually making the survivor very wealthy. This version has often been the plot device for mysteries and detective stories.
The province devolves certain of its powers and taxation to local units under the "Municipalities Act". The government of these units is renewed by election, now quadrennial, through the "Municipal Elections Act".
At the school assembly, Principal Skinner presents a skit about living history. The kids begin heckling them and the assembly devolves into a disaster. Chalmers suggests holding a speech contest on the students' heroes.
Democratic capitalism requires economic growth, the “belief of all individuals that they can better their condition.”(p15) Without growth and social mobility democracy devolves into the Hobbesian “war of all against all.”
The duty devolves upon us of recording the death of the venerable lady who was its virtual founder, and who has outlived all that noble band of patriotic Cornishmen and, Cornishwomen, who helped her to make her dream a reality. ..."
Often the full "senatus" rarely meets and under Section 5 has a quorum of one-third of its membership. The "senatus" often devolves some of its authority to a smaller academic council.