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Examples of "devons"
The nearest Docklands Light Railway station is Devons Road.
Devons Road is a road in Bow and Bromley by Bow in east London. Part of the B140 road, it gives its name to the Devons Road DLR station.
Samuel Devons FRS (30 September 1914 – 6 December 2006) was a British physicist and science historian.
The Battle of Pinhoe was a battle between the Danes and the Devons of Pinhoe.
III. De l'Espèce parmi les Corps vivans, et de l'idée que nous devons attacher à ce mot (53)
Before Action: William Noel Hodgson and the 9th Devons - A Story of the Great War -
Enfin, nous vous supplions de nous excuser très très fort d'oser vous écrire cette lettre en tant que Vous, les grands personages à qui nous devons beaucoup de respect. Et n'oubliez pas que c'est à vous que nous devons nous plaindre de la faiblesse de notre force en Afrique.
Devons Road is a station on the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) in Bromley-by-Bow in Greater London, England. The station is situated in the East End of London and takes its name from the B140 Devons Road and is located on the DLR's Stratford branch, between Langdon Park and Bow Church stations and is in Travelcard Zone 2.
The 6th Airlanding Brigade advance started on 17 August along two axes, with the 12th Devons on the left, the 2nd OBLI on the right, and the 1st RUR in reserve. At Longuemare the 12th Devons had to fight through the German rearguard, and the 1st RUR took over the advance on the left and reached Cabourg without meeting any further resistance.
Devons, son of a Lithuanian immigrant, was born in Bangor, Wales. When he turned 16, he was awarded a scholarship for physics at Trinity College, Cambridge. In 1935, Devons received his bachelor's degree at Trinity College, and his PhD in 1939.
Milking Devons are also physically hardy, and able to survive well on forage. Though Milking Devons are not heavily selected for dairy production in the 21st century, the butterfat content of their milk is comparable to that of the Jersey (though the volume of milk produced is not).
An initial batch of 30 Devons was delivered to the Royal Air Force, these aircraft were used as VIP and light transports for over 30 years. The Royal New Zealand Air Force acquired 30 Devons between 1948 and 1954 and these remained in service for VIP, crew-training and light transport duties into the 1970s.
The American Milking Devon is a breed of cattle from the United States. Originally derived from British North Devon cattle brought to North America in the 17th century, the two strains have since diverged significantly. Modern North Devons have been bred to be used almost exclusively for beef production, while American Milking Devons are a multi-purpose animal akin to the stock which first took the transatlantic journey. Despite their name, they are also suited to meat production and to work as draft animals (i.e. oxen). Considered to be one of the oldest and purest breeds of American cattle in existence, American Milking Devons are also exceedingly rare.
In 1956 the workshop repaired diesel-electric locomotives for the nearby motive power depot at Devons Road (the first in the U.K. to become all-diesel).
The nearest station is Bromley-by-Bow for London Underground District and Hammersmith & City lines and Bow Church and Devons Road for Docklands Light Railway (DLR) services.
All Hallows, Bow (also known as All Hallows, Devons Road), is an Anglican church in Bow, London, England, in the Diocese of London.
A few Doves and civilianised Devons remain in use in 2011 in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and elsewhere with small commercial firms and with private pilot owners.
He began with Devons, and afterwards experimented with Ayrshires, Durhams, and Jerseys; but believing the Devons to be the best adapted to this part of the country, he applied himself to the scientific selection and breeding of that class, and as a result he greatly improved the stock and produced herds of rare beauty and excellence, the winners of many a sweepstake medal and prize.
As a child Devons’ family moved throughout Britain and he was schooled at Hanley High School, Portsmouth Grammar School, and North Manchester Grammar School. From 1931 to 1934, Devons attended the Victoria University of Manchester where he read Economics, Politics and Modern History and would graduate with first class honours. After graduating he received a research fellowship to undertake an MA specialising in Economics and produced a well-received thesis on productivity that was published in "The Economic Journal".
Devons were popular for use in bullock teams for hauling cedar and other logs from the forests, which was pit sawn and then transported by bullock drawn wagons and timber junkers to towns and seaports for cabinet making or export. These cattle were among the earliest breeds in Australia and Devons were noted for their docility, early maturing, hardiness and strength which were important attributes to have in a team.