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Examples of "devoux"
In typical Patterson style, not everything is as it appears. Throughout the story we discover that Peter was having an affair with a young law student. It turns out that she was working with Devoux and is the one that shot Peter in the gut. Devoux then kills her to ensure there are no loose ends. We discover that she was a high end prostitute from Las Vegas. Devoux gets his at the end from a rogue DEA agent he had tried to kill earlier in the book. It is also revealed that, because of an affair had by Jake and Kate, Ernie is Jake's son.
The four brothers began their musical careers on a small scale performing instrumentals at their father's Baptist church. While on their own, they would practice funk hits from the American band Parliament-Funkadelic. The Brothers got their start through professional dance then later found their way into making the music to which they enjoyed dancing. In 2000 David Devoux left and was replaced by Vincent Devoux aka Gawtti. When Donald and Vincent were young, they were in an episode of "Fame".
There is a murder trial but Peter is eventually acquitted. He sues Katherine for defamation and she settles out of court for 16 Million USD. Peter though is betrayed by Devoux and killed.
It turns out that Peter has hired a former CIA operative, turned private contract killer, Gerard Devoux, to kill his family. He hopes to inherit the more than 100 million USD that Katherine was worth. Also, Jake dies from wounds with the boat's explosion.
He was the son of William Robertson and Sarah Timpany. He went to sea at a young age. Robertson married Bethiah Davoue, the daughter of Frederick Davoue (Devoux). He was involved in the trade with the West Indies. During his term in office, Robertson's business failed and his creditors had him put in jail; the other members of the assembly had him removed from jail so that he could continue to sit in the assembly.
Nightmask reveals his true name upon Tamara Devoux (the current Captain Universe) deciphering its language, and reveals that the universe is dying, and that the White Event is coming. Afterwards, some strange lightning hits Earth. Nightmask accompanies Captain Universe and the Avengers to the ruins of a college where they encounter a college student that was transformed into Star Brand. Nightmask and Star Brand head to Mars to confront Ex Nihilo. The Avengers fight against Nightmask and Star Brand which results in Nightmask and Star Brand destroying the living consciousness of Earth. Iron Man imprisons them in the Sol's Hammer weapon.
An African-American woman acting as the newest Captain Universe joins the Avengers in the fight against Ex Nihilo, his sister Abyss, and the Builder named Aleph on Mars. Captain Universe vaporizes Aleph when he does not agree to stop transforming or destroying planets. She is revealed to be Tamara Devoux, a woman who remained in a coma for ten years after a car crash. During a talk with Nightmask, she translates his language and announces that not only is the universe dying, but the White Event is coming.
Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. is an American hip hop group from Carson, California, composed of the Devoux brothers Paul, Ted, Donald, Roscoe, Danny, David and Vincent. Their family is from American Samoa. They became popular after touring in Japan in the mid 1980s, where they were initially known as the "The Blue City Crew." The "Boo-Yaa" in their name signifies the sound of a shotgun being discharged, while the "T.R.I.B.E." stands for "Too Rough International Boo-Yaa Empire." According to hip-hop documentarians, Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. is "synonymous with hip hop in Los Angeles."
Peter knows his plans to gain the Dunne fortune will be ruined if someone else finds the family. He & Devoux set out the Bahamas to find them and kill them before they are found. Peter is a licensed pilot and rents an airplane to find them. He discovers that the family washed ashore an empty island. That night he sneaks onto the island, he plans to shoot Katherine first, so she doesn't have to watch her kids die. His plans are interrupted when his stepson Mark hits him over the head, knocking him out.