Synonyms for diachronism or Related words with diachronism

kibero              postnational              gesuiwerde              mameni              findbase              yamnaya              sugiyuku              genographic              colorradio              neomexicanos              eternalistic              denisovan              hispanosphere              dialectization              tetrapoid              ivoirian              disomies              tuckerizations              greenscore              khmero              sutegoma              cpnlaf              cosmovisions              tasol              hypohaploidy              bazaramba              videomicrographs              kulturkreise              ethiopia              zafimanely              nalacc              abashokobezi              karyotyping              nzsei              iysse              iloubnan              blessen              maroserana              rwandan              fedis              metronomical              sostak              phylogeographic              mammalogical              refiguration              raedthuys              actitivities              tkwo              fhsst              pentaploidy             

Examples of "diachronism"
He released 5 albums on his own label. 2007: Diasporas / 2009: Diachronism / 2011: Diagnostic / 2012 "WIND" featuring Saxophonist Mark Turner, Bass Player Larry Grenadier and Drummer Clarence Penn.
Launched on 26 October 2009, his second album "Diachronism" is a double album. First album is "Disoriental" and the second "Pradoxidental" The double album features Adnan Jubran, Matthieu Chedid, Jacky Terrasson and Lollibob (a US West Coast rapper invented by Ibrahim and played by him with a certain dose of sarcasm).