Synonyms for diau or Related words with diau

hoeng              baik              gelir              leang              toung              keu              elai              chueng              endi              piao              gaddam              akkraseranee              teeradeth              tuhan              sizi              jeng              chaichua              snaeha              sahal              bohe              pyeon              moun              giyan              solaiman              taur              wongpuapun              srisuwan              yian              tzen              joeng              samnang              pleng              erdi              kucuk              takip              chiew              suay              yaha              suon              chhin              kaidi              woranuch              lyu              pachrapa              silu              fuzi              jiun              tercinta              dashuria              siripong             

Examples of "diau"
Sium bin Diau (13 October 1935) represented North Borneo in the triple jump at the 1956 Summer Olympics, he finished 28th.
"Ave Maria, noponu' do graasia, miampai diau o Kinoingan, obitua ko do id saviavi' tondu, om obitua o tuva' tinan nu Jesus. Sangti Maria, tina' do Kinoingan, pokiinsianai zikoi tu' tuhun do momimidouso, baino om ontok jaam do kapatazon za. Amen."
During a recording session, director Li Han-hsiang (Li Hanxiang) heard her singing at the studio, dubbing a song for actress Yu Suqiu in the Shaw movie "Lady in Distress" (1957). Impressed with her voice, he had her dub for film star Lin Dai in his next film "Diau Charn". The film was a great success all over Southeast Asia and won several Asian Film Festival awards. Thereafter, when Li went on to film "The Kingdom And The Beauty", Tsin Ting was roped in to dub for Lin Dai once again.
The Liao dynasty (Khitan: "Mos Jælud"; ), officially the Great Liao (), also known as the Khitan Empire (Khitan: "Mos diau-d kitai huldʒi gur"; ) and the Liao Empire, was an empire in East Asia that ruled from 907 to 1125 over present-day Mongolia and portions of the Russian Far East, northern Korea, and northern China. The Liao dynasty was founded by Abaoji, Khagan of the Khitan people around the time of the collapse of Tang China. It was the first state to control all of Manchuria.
The mechanism of isomerization has been the subject of some debate, with two pathways identified as viable: a "rotation" about the N-N bond, with disruption of the double bond, or via an "inversion", with a semi-linear and hybridized transition state. It has been suggested that the "trans"-to-"cis" conversion occurs via rotation into the "S" state, whereas inversion gives rise to the "cis"-to-"trans" conversion. It is still under discussion which excited state plays a direct role in the series of the photoisomerization behavior. However, the latest research on femtosecond transition spectroscopy has suggested that the "S" state undergoes internal conversion to the "S" state, and then the "trans"-to-"cis" isomerization proceeds. Recently another isomerization pathway has been proposed by Diau, the "concerted inversion" pathway in which both CNN bond angles bend at the same time.