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connata              radlk              humbertii              vatke              lehmannii              hirtella              forssk              puberula              ciliolata              gmel              peduncularis              macbr              anomalum              trinervis              vollesen              markgr              calcicola              summerh              cuatrec              capitellata              schinz              deflexa              brevifolium              poepp              schlechteri              vepris              laxiflora              stipularis              preussii              lecidea              imbricatus              rinorea              manettia              erythrocarpa              zeyh              kraenzl              mildbr              oreophila              mansf              steetz              setigera              cymosa              lilacina              brassii              hiern              breviflora              calcarata              haloragis              uvariopsis              mossambicensis             

Examples of "dielsii"
Menegazzia dielsii is a species of lichen from New Zealand.
Eragrostis dielsii, commonly known as mallee lovegrass, is a species of grass endemic to Australia.
Dendrophorbium dielsii is a species of flowering plant in the Asteraceae family.
Setaria dielsii, commonly known as Diels' pigeon grass, is a species of grass native to Australia.
Eucalyptus dielsii, commonly known as the cap-fruited mallee, is a eucalypt that is native to Western Australia.
There is only one known species, "Lifago dielsii", native to the western part of the Sahara Desert in Algeria and Morocco.
Miconia dielsii is a species of plant in the Melastomataceae family. It is endemic to Ecuador. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests.
Acacia dielsii is a shrub of the genus "Acacia" and the subgenus "Plurinerves". It is native to an area in the Mid West, Wheatbelt and Goldfields-Esperance regions of Western Australia.
Ruellia dielsii is a species of plant in the Acanthaceae family. It is endemic to Ecuador. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. It is threatened by habitat loss.
Two other tree forms are notable in Western Australia and described using the native names "mallet" and "marlock". The "mallet" is a small to medium-sized tree that does not produce lignotubers and has a relatively long trunk, a steeply branching habit and often a conspicuously dense terminal crown. This is the normal habit of mature healthy specimens of "Eucalyptus occidentalis", "E. astringens", "E. spathulata", "E. gardneri", "E. dielsii", "E. forrestiana", "E. salubris", "E. clivicola", and "E. ornata". The smooth bark of mallets often has a satiny sheen and may be white, cream, grey, green, or copper.
Rounded apothecia are produced along the lamina of most of the known "Menegazzia" species, while the others are thought to be entirely asexual (like "M. nothofagi" and "M. globulifera"). In the taxa that do produce apothecia, they are always lecanorine, and often cupuliform. They can be sessile, but more frequently are subpedicellate to pedicellate. The apothecial disc is concave to plane, matt to shining, or even pruinose in some taxa (like with "M. dielsii"), with a well-developed thalline exciple. Epithecium is pigmented, and occasionally has granular inclusions. The hymenium is always colourless. Hypothecium is chondroid, and made-up of thick-walled, conglutinated cells. Paraphyses are netted, with apical cells that are sometimes capitate, and often pigmented to some extent. Asci are 2 or 8-spored.