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iersel              straaten              gennip              vugt              lierop              rompaey              vleet              rheenen              grieken              tulleken              huyssteen              oosten              beusekom              verseveld              dijck              gelderen              rhijn              schalkwyk              bueren              zanten              bebber              graan              alstine              houweling              haaften              scoyoc              scheppingen              koeverden              goethem              klaveren              doorninck              ostrand              blerk              itallie              uitert              scheltinga              tienhoven              mieghem              weezel              gyseghem              tijn              duyn              ommeren              biljon              oostrum              ooteghem              daele              sinderen              benthem              straten             

Examples of "diepen"
1994 Tasmanian State Singles Title - Justin Van Diepen
2002 Tasmanian State Open Doubles Title - Dallas Nichols / Justin Van Diepen
2012 Tasmanian State Open Doubles Title - Dallas Nichols / Justin Van Diepen
2003 Tasmanian State Open Doubles Title - Dallas Nichols / Justin Van Diepen
The ship was built in 1938 by Van Diepen Scheepswerf Gebroeders NV, Waterhuizen, Netherlands, as yard number 834.
Following the war, air charter company Frits Diepen Vliegtuigen ordered three more aircraft, which were used to train pilots into the 1950s.
In 2001, Wessel van Diepen and Arista Records released "James Brown Is Dead 2001", a new version of the L.A. Style original.
VJs who were there from the beginning were: Erik de Zwart, Fabienne de Vries, Isabelle Brinkman, Michael Pilarczyk, Ruud de Wild, Sylvana Simons and Wessel van Diepen.
Nakatomi was a Dutch happy hardcore act of the mid 1990s, formed by DJs/producers Wessel van Diepen (as DJ Delmundo) and Dennis van Driescchen (as DJ Danski).
The project was produced by DJ Jurgen and co-produced by Danski (b. Dennis van den Driesschen), Delmundo (a.k.a. Wessel van Diepen) and their protégés Pronti (Sebastiaan Molijn) and Kalmani (Eelke Kalberg).
During the '90s he started a successful run of producing danceable hitmusic, together with Peran van Dijk and later Dennis van Den Driesschen ('Danski'), leading to acts such as L.A. Style (James Brown Is Dead (with Van Diepen doing the trademark megaphone catchphrase)), Nakatomi, and eventually worldwide phenomenons Alice Deejay and Vengaboys.
"Empire Snowdrop" was a coaster which was built by Van Diepen Scheepswerf Gebroeders NV, Waterhuizen, Netherlands. Completed in 1939 as "Caribe I" for S G Hallstrom, Amsterdam. Requisitioned by MoWT in 1940 and renamed "Empire Snowdrop". Sold in 1946 to Malta Steamship Co Ltd, Valletta and renamed "De Vilhena" after the 18th century grandmaster. Foundered on 3 February 1961 north west of Calvi, Corsica.
In 1978, she joined her bandmate John Gaasbeek with Wilma van Diepen and formed the Balloon trio, recording a few songs such as "All You Need Is The Music" and "Summerparty", featuring cameos of well known songs. After little success, the trio broke apart in 1980.
The song was written by Danski, Benny Andersson, Wessel van Diepen and Björn Ulvaeus, with the first verse interpolating the ABBA song "Lay All Your Love on Me" written by Andersson and Ulvaeus. It was released to radio in the United States in June 1999 and in the United Kingdom via Positiva Records and there were two versions of the CD single.
"Booya" was built in Waterhuizen, the Netherlands in 1917 by Gebroeders van Diepen, under her original name, "De Lauwers". She was a three-masted auxiliary schooner with a steel hull and a 130 bhp engine. At the time of her loss, she was 35.8 metres long and had a gross register tonnage of 262 tons.
The Vengaboys are a Dutch Eurodance group based in Rotterdam. The brainchild of two Dutch producers Wessel van Diepen and Dennis van den Driesschen (Danski and Delmundo), the group consists of lead vocalist Kim Sasabone, vocalist Denise Post-Van Rijswijk and male vocalists Robin Pors and Donny Latupeirissa.
He attended Byron Northview Public School and Saunders Secondary School in London, Ontario. Ramage married his high school sweetheart Dawn Van Diepen in 1982. They have four children, Dylan, Tamara, Jaclyn and John, who was drafted by the Calgary Flames and is now playing for the Cleveland Monsters, the American Hockey League (AHL) affiliate of the Columbus Blue Jackets.
At age 15, van Diepen started a pirate radio station called "Radio Stad Delft". The station was taken down by the police numerous times. When was Wessel was 17 years old, during a holiday in Wichita, Kansas, United States, there he met a DJ at KKRD who gave Wessel the opportunity to fill in for him on air.
Jasmine Griffen(Sarah Van Diepen) - The ex-lover of both Tommy and Vance. Now a conniving, manipulative seductress, Jasmine attempts to manipulate Tommy, Vance and Butch for her own purposes. In her youth, she travelled through Finland as a circus performer after overcoming an addiction to crystal meth.
The song was initially an instrumental track composed in 1997 by Jürgen "DJ Jurgen" Rijkers, Sebastiaan "Pronti" Moljin, and Eelke "Kalmani" Kahlberg at the Violent Studios 4045 complex in Hilversum, Netherlands. Violent Music and Violent Studios owners Dennis "Danski" Van Der Driesschen and Wessel "Delmundo" van Diepen had previously offered studio space for Pronti and Kalmani next to their 4045 complex. Before the production of "Better Off Alone", Pronti and Kalmani had worked on composing music for the label's other project the Vengaboys.