Synonyms for diepoxy or Related words with diepoxy

polyepoxy              monoepoxy              triepoxide              diepoxide              polymercaptan              polyisothiocyanate              dicycloaliphatic              polyglycidylamine              diepoxides              glycidylamine              diglycidylaniline              polyepoxide              polycyanate              bischloroformate              bisphenolic              monocarbodiimide              bisoxetane              ethylenediol              benzoxazine              polythiol              polycarbodiimide              bisepoxide              disocyanates              diurea              hexafunctional              diisocyanato              dialcohol              cyclohexeneoxide              glycidylethers              bisepoxy              monoepoxide              monoisocyanate              diglycidyltoluidine              diurethane              bisaminophenol              glycidylated              glycidylamines              diisocyantes              glycidylether              triphenylolmethane              dicyanate              tetraepoxide              monohydroxyl              tgddm              polyoxyalkylenediol              oligocarbonate              haloepoxy              polyisocyantes              dihydroxyl              phenalkamine             

Examples of "diepoxy"
Both "H. repandum" and the variety "album" contain the diepoxide compound repandiol (2"R",3"R",8"R",9"R")-4,6-decadiyne-2,3:8,9-diepoxy-1,10-diol), which was shown to have potent cytotoxic activity against various tumor cells in laboratory culture. At the molecular level, repandiol is an alkylating agent. It inserts crosslinks between strands of DNA, making it difficult for the genetic material to be expressed or replicated.