Synonyms for difunctionalized or Related words with difunctionalized

polyfunctionalized              bifunctionalized              dihydroxyl              glycidylethers              oligoamines              bisepoxide              trifunctionalized              monoaminated              polythioaminals              oxanorbornene              monohydroxyl              polyalkene              polydiol              polyetherdiamines              monofunctionalized              multivinyl              dihydroxylated              dialcohol              diepoxy              cyclosiloxane              polyoxyalkylenediol              bhdb              dialkyne              bisepoxides              polyalkyloxy              multiamine              telechelic              tetraamines              polyalkyleneglycol              diepoxides              polythiols              polyoxetane              monoamino              triepoxide              oligimers              aminosiloxanes              multiacrylate              polyimine              polydisulfide              perfluoroalkylated              triptycene              dihalogen              bisazide              oligoamine              isocyantes              cyclocarbonates              alkyleneimines              oligoether              perfluorodiene              cyclopentadienone             

Examples of "difunctionalized"
Alkyl radicals generated from radical additions to alkenes have also been fluorinated. Hydrides and nitrogen-, carbon-, and phosphorus-centered radicals have been employed, yielding a wide range of fluorinated, difunctionalized compounds.