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Examples of "digidesign"
Joker - Digidesign (Om Unit's Pop Lock Remix) (2010)
Metalworks Institute is an official Digidesign pro school.
Digidesign was acquired by Avid Technology in 1995, but its products continued to be branded Digidesign until the brand was phased out in 2010, and VENUE systems are now branded Avid.
Philo T. Farnsworth Corporate Achievement Engineering Awards: Desilu and Digidesign (now Avid Technology)
Final Cut Pro; Autodesk Smoke, Flame, Maya; Digidesign Pro Tools; Avid; Adobe Systems After Effects, Photoshop.
Demonstrator for Steinberg, Magix, Sonic Foundry, Emagic, Ableton, Sonic Solution, Digidesign, MOTU.
M-Audio, formerly Midiman, was acquired by Avid Technology in 2004–2005, and Digidesign soon released Pro Tools M-Powered, which brought Pro Tools LE functionality to a subset of M-Audio USB, FireWire and PCI interfaces. Pro Tools M-Powered uses an iLok license as copy protection and was formerly the only way to run Pro Tools without using Digidesign/Avid hardware.
Digidesign Software was developed by UC Berkeley graduate Peter Gotcher and his friend Evan Brooks, both majors in electrical engineering and computer science.
In 2004, Digidesign acquired all 27 shipping Bomb Factory products. Bomb Factory retained rights to more than 30 unreleased products and associated technologies.
In interviews, Cooper and Eustis have stated that they use the following software: Digidesign Pro Tools, Native Instruments Reaktor/Electronic Instruments 2 XT, Ableton Live and Max/MSP
In August 2006 the company was acquired by Avid, to become part of its Digidesign division, which also manufactures the leading digital audio workstation Pro Tools.
Mbox (2001) Launched in 2001 was another collaboration between Focusrite and Digidesign, in the form of the Mbox. Digidesign had approached Focusrite to develop a low-cost USB-based audio interface designed to complement the Pro Tools LE entry-level DAW. The dual-channel, USB-powered Mbox featured Focusrite mic pres with phantom capability, line/instrument ins and outs and headphone out, and 24-bit conversion. It featured zero-latency monitoring via a control to listen to a mix of input and playback.
Avid Audio (formerly Digidesign) is a North American digital audio technology company. It was founded in 1984 by Peter Gotcher and Evan Brooks. The company began as a project to raise money for the founders' band, selling EPROM chips for drum machines. It is a subsidiary of Avid Technology, and during 2010 the Digidesign brand was phased out. Avid Audio products will continue to be produced and will now carry the Avid brand name.
In the mid-nineties, versions 6 and 7 of Media Composer 1000, 8000 and 9000 were based on the Avid Broadcast Video Board (ABVB), supporting video resolutions up to AVR77. The video image was also improved to 720x480. 3D add-on boards (most notably the Pinnacle Alladin, externally, and the pinnacle genie pro board, internally, through special 100 pin by-pass cable ) and 16bit 48K 4-channel and 8-channel audio I/O (Avid/DigiDesign 442 and Avid/DigiDesign 888) were optional.
Advanced sound, lighting, and video equipment includes a d&b Line Array Sound System with Digidesign D-SHOW consoles, an HES Road Hog Full Boar lighting console, more than 50 moving lights and DL-3 lighting fixtures.
Like "The Hand That Feeds", "Only" was released as a GarageBand multitrack file, as well as for DigiDesign Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and Sony ACID Pro. A fan remix community page was set up on MySpace.
The Midas XL8 was the first digital mixing console produced by Midas, previously a leading manufacturer of analogue mixing consoles for live sound. The introduction of the console came after years of digital console competition by Yamaha, Digidesign, and DiGiCo.
This protocol was created jointly by Mackie and Digidesign in 1997 for Mackie HUI, the first hardware control surface for Digidesign’s Pro Tools. It was also the protocol used in the Mackie Baby HUI released much later.
He has been a major part of several advanced hardware and software innovations in the film sound industry including the first to implement Apple Computers and Avid/Digidesign Protools on a major feature film.
Stadiumred Studios in Harlem has been renovated and expanded a number of times since it was taken over in 2007 as Harmolodic. Before March 2009 the studio underwent a renovation with consultation by Alan Fierstein of Acoustilog, retouching the 900-square-foot live room and 400-square-foot control room, with three side rooms available for recording and mixing. At the time Zdanow was using his own Digidesign mixing board, specifically a "32-fader Digidesign ICON D-Control ES with 7.1 capability." The ICON was integrated with Pro Tools, though Stadiumred Studios also uses Logic Studio and other digital audio workstations as well.