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Examples of "dijck"
Van Dijck is a Dutch toponymic surname. Notable people with the surname include:
Van Dijck was 9 times Belgian Champion steeplechaser between 1983 and 1994.
In 2016 Dutch magazine "Opzij" named Van Dijck the most influential Dutch woman of 2016.
Abraham van Dijck (1635, Amsterdam – 1680, Dordrecht), was a Dutch Golden Age painter.
The first serious attempt of providing a physical explanation of the material removal during electric discharge machining is perhaps that of Van Dijck. Van Dijck presented a thermal model together with a computational simulation to explain the phenomena between the electrodes during electric discharge machining. However, as Van Dijck himself admitted in his study, the number of assumptions made to overcome the lack of experimental data at that time was quite significant.
Hendrik Van Dijck (born 5 February 1974, in Herentals) is a Belgian former professional road bicycle racer.
William Van Dijck (born 24 January 1961) is a Belgian former athlete, primarily active on the 3000m steeplechase.
In 1688, Buns initiated the completion and expansion (under-Positive) of the Bremser organ in Boxmeer by Jan van Dijck.
The label was founded in mid-2014 by childhood friends Sander van Dijck and Thorwald van den Akker. van Dijck stated that one of the reasons for starting the label was because 'no label has ever given me [him] that full creative control I crave.'
Van Dijck studied music production and guitar at Codarts. He graduated in 2012. Before he became a well-known DJ and producer, he was teaching children to play guitar. After years of working with bands, Van Dijck began ghost producing for DJs. His production experienced considerable commercial success, which led him to consider going solo and creating the stage name, San Holo.
When in November 2009 the tax plan was discussed, Teun van Dijck of the Freedom Party was challenged by parliament member Farshad Bashir (Socialist Party) to file an amendment. Van Dijck answered that he would not, because the proposal was not yet sorted out.
Van Dijck was born in Leuven. He was the first Belgian to win a medal at the World Championships, winning the bronze medal at the 1987 World Championships. He won a second bronze at the 1994 European Championships. He became Belgian Sportsman of the year in 1986. Van Dijck quit athletics in 1997 and now works in a bank in Geel.
Floris van Dyck, also called Floris van Dijck or Floris Claesz. van Dyck (c.1575 – before 26 April 1651) was a Dutch Golden Age still life painter.
Van Dijck played saxophone under the stage name "Tony Saxofony". He is married to Miss Curaçao 1993 Jasmin Clifton, with whom he has two children.
Edward (Ward) Van Dijck (22 March 1918 – 22 April 1977) was a Belgian professional road bicycle racer during the 1940s and 1950s.
Van Dijck became the second Belgian to win the Spanish Grand Tour at the 1947 Vuelta a España—which covered 24 stages and 3,893 km—upsetting Manuel Costa of Spain and 1945 Vuelta champion Delio Rodriguez of Spain.
Kris Van Dijck (born 2 October 1963 in Turnhout) is a Belgian politician affiliated to the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA), member of the Flemish Parliament and mayor of Dessel.
Van Dijck performed various jobs, including management and consulting positions. He lived on Curaçao from 1993 to 2006, where among others he owned a restaurant and worked for the local government.
Bert Wollants (born 30 August 1979 in Lier) is a Belgian politician and is affiliated to the N-VA. He is replacing Kris Van Dijck as a member of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives from 2010 on.
Since 2010 Van Dijck is member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. In 2015 she was elected by Academy members as the president of the organisation and became the first female to hold the position.