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kerasea              distrato              tristeno              chrysovitsa              chrysavgi              elaiochori              polydendri              foteino              geroplatanos              vasilopoulo              dafnoula              limnochori              kerasia              polydroso              prasino              karitsa              petrochori              kalyvakia              kainourgio              drosato              foiniki              dasochori              oreino              vrysoula              lefkonas              elaionas              drymos              grammeni              kyparissi              kleidonia              chaliki              matsouki              grimpovo              myrofyllo              stavrochori              koilada              nerochori              chrysochori              koryfi              mesorrachi              sarakina              konistres              spartia              kranea              makrychori              sklithro              palaiochori              pramanta              pialeia              ypatis             

Examples of "dilofo"
Dilofo or Dilofos (Greek meaning two hills), may refer to several places in Greece:
Dilofo () is a small mountain village located in western Kozani regional unit, in West Macedonia, Greece. It is part of the municipal unit Pentalofos.
Arvanitis was born in the village of Dilofo, Phthiotis, Greece. Having received an education as an electrician in the construction sector, he started working in the movies business in his early 20s, advancing from 2nd camera assistant to finally become a director of photography.
In the 17th century, the villages of Western Zagori were also admitted to the Treaty, so that by 1678 the total number of villages in Zagori had increased to 60. During the 18th century schools for both boys and girls were built, watermills to grind the corn and the water supply was decorated with ornamental fountains. Traditional medicine flourished in the form of “Vikos doctors”, who gathered herbs for their preparations from the Vikos gorge. The growing prosperity, aided by privileges obtained by Phanariotes of Zagorisian descent and benefactions from expatriates, allowed the building of several schools, some still surviving, for example the "Common School of Greek Studies " (Greek: Κοινή Σχολή Ελληνικών Μαθημάτων) in Monodendri built by the brothers Manthos and Georgios Rizaris (1835). The brothers also funded the building of the "Rizareios Ecclesiastical School" in Athens (1844), while Zagori itself was under full Ottoman rule. The brothers Ioannis and Demetrios Anagnostopoulos from Dilofo founded the "Anagnostopouleios" in their home village and contributed to the expenses for the Zosimaia School in Ioannina. Michael Anagnostopoulos from Papingo built the "Kallineios School" in Papingo and the "Anagnostopouleios School" in Konitsa. As a result of the numerous schools, the Greek language was preserved in the area.